• SOCi not only provides an amazing product that continuously delivers innovative solutions to its customers, but it’s also a great environment that supports talents and provides ample opportunities for growth and success. While it is a fast pace environment, the management team is keen on providing everything you need to ensure your success. On top of the amazing benefits, the team also enjoys intangible perks which keep everyone motivated and excited about work. Some of these perks include employee recognition, autonomy, career advancement opportunities, and work-life balance, and other amazing rewards.



    Marketing Operations Manager | Austin

  • SOCi has a great team of dedicated and hardworking employees who motivate and inspire each other. The company is made up of a tight-knit team who works hard but also enjoys team-building group outings, and the culture team is always coming up with fun new ideas to keep work exciting.



    Accounting | San Diego

  • SOCi has one of the most talented groups of individuals I have ever worked with. The flexibility and culture within the organization make it a very enjoyable place to work. Since my time, I have seen this start-up company turn itself into an environment designed to make everyone successful. On top of that, we have monthly/quarterly happy hours and events that are always a blast. Some may say I take those events to the next level. Although we are growing very quickly, we are always looking for special talent that will push us to the next level of success.



    Director of Sales Operations | Austin

  • Working at SOCi is one of the highlights of my career. SOCi is rooted in having a customer-centric mindset while always putting our customer’s needs at the front line of our innovation. We are selfless in nature and we always strive for greatness. I have the privilege to work with like-minded coworkers that share these values. Not to mention, being able to showcase the power of our technology to some of the largest organizations on the planet. In my mind, we are just getting started and the future is very exciting.



    Enterprise Account Executive | New York

  • I love working for SOCi because it fosters a culture of learning and growth. As a software engineer, I get to learn about and use cutting edge technology to build awesome experiences that provide great value to our customers. Doing mob programming accelerates learning and offers a uniquely collaborative environment that I have yet to see at any other company. We are empowered to drive our product to success at each step of the product development process. The autonomy and trust that SOCi gives its employees are incredible. The leadership is friendly, approachable, and always open to feedback. I am very happy here.



    Software Engineer | Florida

  • Leadership at SOCi does a great job to make sure that I understand the “why” for everything we do & have the tools I need to be successful, making me feel confident to work collaboratively with my team and feel like I am an actual helping hand in creating new & exciting campaigns that will support SOCi’s growth. And growing is exactly what SOCi is doing! I’m amazed at how much I’ve learned in the past year working at SOCi, but I am even more grateful that I get to experience working for a company that is taking off & making real change for their customers.



    Marketing | Austin

    Why SOCi

    At SOCi, nothing is more important to us than the clients we service each and every day. Recognized as an award-winning leader in the industry, SOCi has pioneered more than a dozen unique marketing tools to help multi-location brands oversee, maintain, and protect their brand at the national level, while simultaneously scaling presence across hundreds, sometimes thousands of local pages. 


    The SOCi team works selflessly and tirelessly to deliver value and maximize our customers’ marketing efforts.


    We aren’t satisfied until we’ve exceeded customer expectations.

    Customer Centric

    We solve complex problems and navigate obstacles so our customers can move forward.


    SOCi is a technology company wrapped in a customer service organization. We’re able to innovate because we listen to our customers.


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