Asset Management

Manage your content in searchable asset libraries that can be shared with your organization.

Organize & Search By Tags

SOCi has unlimited cloud-based storage, allowing your business or team to house millions of pieces of content, from social posts to high-quality images. All content can be tagged to making sorting through all your messages and assets a breeze.


Any post that you create in SOCi is automatically saved and recorded for later use. Replicating and repurposing your successful content across all your networks is easy with SOCi’s Message Library.

Bulk Uploads

Prefer excel sheets? Upload an unlimited amount of social posts directly to your Message Library and schedule them at any time.

Have hundreds of approved imagery for your franchises to use? One click is all you need to upload them to SOCi’s Image Library.

What our customers say about SOCi

  • “SOCi has enabled us to deliver high quality social media marketing to our properties. We have seen an increase in web and foot traffic as well as improved engagement and superior communications with our customers. We are pleased to have such a strategic partner for our social media marketing strategy.”

    Virgina C. Love

    VP, Leasing & Marketing


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