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SOCi is the marketing platform for multi-location brands. We empower businesses like Ace Hardware, Sport Clips, and Anytime Fitness to scale marketing efforts across all digital channels in a way that's brand directed, locally perfected, and data connected. As one central place to scale marketing, SOCi makes the impossible possible by enabling top brands and their locations to strengthen and scale their digital presence across limitless local search and social pages while protecting what matters most, their reputation. For more information on how SOCi can help fuel your localized marketing success - visit us at www.meetsoci.com or message us at [email protected].


  • Meet a surprise celebrity guest
  • Try on luxury Maui Jim’s sunglasses & pick a pair to take home
  • Get a behind the scenes look at Petco Park
  • Enjoy craft cocktails & locally perfected cuisine

The next era of social media interaction is here.

Introducing Engagements


  • Per California State regulations (Current Guidelines Effective Through November 1, 2022) masks are required for individuals in all indoor public settings, regardless of vaccination status. Please bring your mask and wear it indoors.
  • Please bring your IFA 2022 Convention badge. This will satisfy proof of full COVID vaccine or negative COVID-19 PCR test requirements.
  • If you are showing any symptoms of COVID-19 or have had contact with anyone who has tested positive in the last two weeks, please stay home.


Join the Engagements Beta waitlist. 

Expanding on our proven Engagements product, SOCi Genius Social | Engagements uses AI to generate quick, brand-aligned social media interactions.

Join the Beta Program* for an early preview of the newest Genius enhancement and step into the next era of personalized social media interaction.

  • AI-driven interactions: Streamline all interactions with consistent, brand-aligned AI responses across all locations.
  • Elevate your brand: Set yourself apart by being at the cutting edge of social media innovation.
  • Influence the evolution: Refine our product’s direction with your feedback.

Be among the first to experience the future of social media engagement. Reserve your spot on the Beta Waitlist*.

*Limited seats available for SOCi Social customers.


of customers expect unique and personalized responses.

Source: Hubspot


of consumers expect a response on social media in less than
 two hours.

Source: Sprout Social


of social media messages to brands receive no response.

Source: Sprout Social


of brand engagement happens on local social media pages.

Source: SOCi

🚀 Effortless efficiency

Gone are the days of labor-intensive manual replies. Harness AI to deliver personalized, on-brand engagements, redefining social media interactions.

  • Achieve unparalleled efficiency with AI-generated, on-brand responses
  • Save valuable time, redirecting focus to high-value activities for local businesses

🎯 Consistent branding at every location, every time

Maintaining a consistent brand voice can be challenging. SOCi Genius Social | Engagements provides AI-generated responses that capture your brand’s unique identity.

  • Achieve consistent, on-brand interactions across all locations, no matter the network, engagement, or the individual responding
  • Let AI serve as your digital brand guideline, upholding your brand's identity with each interaction.

🤝 Blend AI power with human touch

AI accelerates response times, but with the option to edit each crafted reply, true human authenticity remains.

  • Harness both the speed of AI and the authenticity of human engagement.
  • Retain full control over final responses, ensuring each interaction feels genuine.

🛡 Protect your brand’s image

A single misstep can impact a local business’s reputation. Set guidelines to safeguard each response, protecting your image and maintaining consistency.

  • AI-driven responses protect against inaccurate or inappropriate responses
  • Protect the reputation of local businesses with each interaction

Coming Q4 2023: SOCi Genius Social

Elevate content and ignite engagements with the power of AI.

Introducing Genius Social, where our tried-and-true platform meets powerful AI, further amplifying Content and Engagements and redefining the way businesses engage with their local audiences.


Use AI automate content creation, incorporating brand voice, social media best practices, and localized resonance for seamless content calendar management.


Leverage AI to craft personalized, on-brand social media interactions, providing consistency and efficiency across all locations while maintaining human connection.

Join Waitlist


of customers expect unique and personalized responses.


of consumers expect a response on social media in less than
 two hours.


of social media messages to brands receive no response.


of brand engagement happens on local social media pages.

Depending on your existing agreement with SOCi, you may need to agree to additional terms in your use of SOCi Genius products and features.