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4 Facebook Contest Campaigns Brands Need to Try

Posted by Sherilyn
April 26, 2017

With nearly 1.2 billion active users and still growing, Facebook is a social media platform that holds major potential for brands and businesses. However, with every pro comes a con. This booming usage makes it increasingly harder to stand out on . . . Read More

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How to Save Time on Twitter With Content Curation

Posted by Sherilyn
January 13, 2017

Imagine this: You’re a social media manager who needs to push out content on your Twitter account, fast. You ask yourself, “How can I possibly be creative and efficient at the same time?” You’re in luck — content curation is the . . . Read More

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The Best Tips for Receiving Likes on Instagram

Posted by Sherilyn
November 9, 2016

With a whopping 500 million monthly active users, there’s no denying that Instagram is a social media favorite. As this number continues to skyrocket, brands and businesses are recognizing the need for an Instagram presence. We all love to see the notification, . . . Read More

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Encouraging Social Media Engagement with Emotions

Posted by Sherilyn
September 14, 2016

Let’s face it — the right brain dominates when it comes to social media marketing. Engagement on social media is most often the result of an emotional trigger, rather than a logical one. So while you can’t force your audience to . . . Read More


Maximizing Customer Retention in a Mobile World

Posted by Sherilyn
July 6, 2016

It’s the digital age, so there’s no denying that much of our daily activity takes place on a handheld mobile device. Ever since Google announced that they would increase search rankings for mobile-friendly websites, businesses have caught on to the importance of going . . . Read More

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Behind Taco Bell’s Social Media Strategy

Posted by Sherilyn
May 12, 2016

Do you ever wonder how a brand can establish such a prominent social media presence? It isn’t easy, but with the right social media strategy, the job can be done. Case in point: Once a struggling fast food chain restaurant, Taco Bell . . . Read More

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