Leveraging the Power of Social Listening at the Local Level


Social listening is an excellent tool for multi-location marketers looking to stand out from the competition and breakthrough to their target audience. If your multi-location business isn’t using social listening, you’re falling behind. For those unfamiliar, social listening is the process of monitoring social media channels and other online platforms for mentions of your brand, your products, and your competitors.


Social listening allows you to understand the conversation around your industry and gain insight into what consumers need and expect. Ahead in this blog, we’ll dive into a real-world use case and explore how your multi-location business can adopt local social listening to create a winning localized marketing strategy.


Local Business Managers Can Listen and Learn

While corporate can take advantage of social listening to analyze conversations at the local level, local business owners can also reap social listening’s rewards if the right tool is available. With SOCi Listening, your multi-location business can improve brand oversight and alleviate business risk by leveraging localized listening feeds to monitor customer conversation and mitigate potential crises the minute they surface.



Anytime Fitness teamed up with SOCi to gather insights that ultimately led to better customer service and a superior business strategy.


“As a franchisor with multiple brands, we need to be attentive to all customer conversations to stay competitive, best serve our members, and innovate against our digital strategy,” says Christian Betancourt, former Director of Digital Marketing (Paid, Social, & Local) at Self Esteem Brands, the parent company of Anytime Fitness. “The ability to listen to critical feedback and questions on our social accounts and beyond helped us provide virtual classes during the pandemic and allowed us to maintain members during a time when mass cancelations were occurring across the industry.”


Along with providing information about your consumers and their experiences, social listening can also help guide your local social media efforts. It’s essential to empower local businesses to discover and share content relevant to their local markets, which is where a local content strategy comes in.


Social Listening Elevates Your Local Content Strategy


As multi-location marketers, we understand that a strong local social strategy is a must to connect with your target audience. Social listening allows your multi-location business to spot trends in conversations around specific products or services. For instance,   digital talk may highlight buzz about a particular product that customers love or point to consumer confusion over an element of service. Either way, you can use this information to adjust the local content strategy pushed out on your local social channels.


User-generated content (UGC) from consumers who speak highly of your multi-location business can be collected (always request permission) and shared with potential buyers. On the other side of things, power up those local social media posts to answer questions or clear up confusion around particular products.  Use social listening to strengthen local social strategy by empowering your local businesses to discover and share content relevant to their local markets and keep an eye on the competition. A competitor in Austin, Texas, may promote different products or services than a competitor in San Diego. Social listening at the local level gives your business the ability to differentiate these conversations and adjust local content plans accordingly.


Social Listening Increases Lead Generation


When you create a robust local social strategy through social listening, new leads and ultimately sales will follow. It’s critical to track these leads and sales and develop a plan for monitoring the metrics.


Once done, your business will be able to determine how much social listening helped your localized marketing efforts. For instance, have you started getting more engagements on your local social media channels after posting UGC? Are you beginning to see an increase in your clicks on social media, and are those clicks turning into leads? These are things to consider when determining how social listening impacts your marketing efforts. The results will likely surprise you. Consumers will notice if your business has optimized its local efforts through social listening, and in turn, your leads and sales will increase.


In a similar light, if you’ve used social listening to track consumers who are mentioning your multi-location business, you can respond to potential leads when they’re hot and satisfy customers with a prompt follow-up. Social listening can help ensure that you never miss out on a sales opportunity and prevent any potential leads from falling through the cracks.


Social Listening Takes Localized Marketing to New Heights


If your multi-location business is optimizing social listening at the local level, your localized marketing efforts will be unstoppable. With the help of SOCi Listening, your multi-location business will discover ways to be the best in your local markets, ensure you never miss out on sales opportunities and mitigate potential crises before they happen. SOCi Listening is the elite listening product that gives you VIP access to every critical conversation around your business.


If your multi-location business is not using SOCi Listening, you’re missing out. SOCi can also help level-up other aspects of your localized marketing strategy. SOCi is the central command for multi-location marketers and the all-in-one platform for your localized marketing needs. For more information on how SOCi can give your localized marketing strategy the boost it deserves, request a demo today!