Nine Out of Ten Brand Mentions Go Unnoticed: What You’re Missing


As a multi-location marketer, it’s tough to keep up with all the conversations happening around your brand. And no wonder. Ninety-six percent of online discussions aren’t directed toward your brand. In other words, these conversations don’t come from users following your multi-location business, which makes them easy to miss if you’re not looking in the right place. If you never see nine out of 10 mentions of your brand, chances are you’re missing something important.


Throughout this blog, we’ll look at what is unaccounted for when it comes to mentions about your brand, and how to find and leverage these conversations to make the most of your localized marketing efforts. We’ll also dive into a case study with Anytime Fitness and explore the tools they use to monitor their brand reputation across all business locations successfully.


What Your Multi-Location Business Could Be Missing 


Without a tool to help your multi-location business find mentions of your brand, there’s a good chance you’re overlooking:

  • mentions about your business’s products or services
  • conversations around what consumers love most about your business
  • complaints or issues around your business that could turn into a pr disaster
  • discussions comparing your business to competitors


Miss out on any or all of the above, and your multi-location business could lose potential leads or let opportunities slip through the crack. Wouldn’t you want to know if your customers are unhappy with your customer service? Wouldn’t it be nice to re-share a positive customer testimonial that was left online but didn’t tag your business? All of this is possible with social listening!


Social listening allows your multi-location business to monitor social media for conversations around your brand, relevant products and services, your competitors, and industry keywords. You can then utilize the information and discussions found in social listening to further inform and influence your localized marketing strategy. If your localized marketing efforts address concerns that consumers might have about your business, highlight positive customer testimonials, and include tactics for beating the competition, you’ll ultimately win more leads and sales. Anytime Fitness provides us with an excellent example.


How Anytime Fitness Leverages Social Listening 


With more than 4,700 gyms in 35 countries, it’s difficult for Anytime Fitness to catch every conversation around their brand, especially amid the pandemic. COVID-19’s arrival forced gyms nationwide to close their doors overnight, creating uncertainty amongst gym-goers. Anytime Fitness needed a solution that would allow them to see what customers were saying about their brand to monitor online brand reputation and provide customer care. That’s where social listening comes in.


Anytime Fitness realized that social listening would help them catch critical conversations happening around their business and the fitness industry in general. With so many social listening options available, the top-performing fitness franchise had to choose a tool that would allow them to listen for mentions of their corporate brand and listen at the local level. By teaming up with SOCi, Anytime Fitness successfully monitored its brand reputation across all locations. With SOCi, they found a more efficient way to gather insights to inform business strategy and provide care to their customers.


After using SOCi Listening for just a few short months, Anytime Fitness had listened to more than 3 million online conversations about their brand outside of their local search and social pages. In response to their findings, the brand learned customers craved an online option for working classes during the pandemic. As a result, Anytime Fitness created free virtual classes to give their customers what they wanted while also getting an edge on the competition. Similarly, Anytime Fitness found more than 300,000 positive online brands mentions that they could sift through and quickly turn into positive user-generated content across local pages, which ultimately led to increased engagements and brand loyalty.

Start Monitoring Your Brand’s Reputation 


If Anytime Fitness can leverage social listening to its advantage, why can’t your multi-location business? If you’re not already using social listening to its fullest potential, you’re missing out. As a multi-location marketer, it’s essential to understand the conversations happening around your business and use them to create a more effective localized marketing strategy. While monitoring conversations happening around 100s or 1,000s or business locations can seem daunting, our previously mentioned social listening tool can help.



SOCi Listening allows your multi-location business to centralize corporate and local conversations on social and the web while mitigating potential crises before they happen with smart alerts. With SOCi Listening, you can also discover ways to be the best in your market and ensure you never miss a sales opportunity. There’s no excuse for missing 96 percent of online conversations any longer. For more information on how SOCi can help you develop an effective social listening strategy and an even more successful localized marketing strategy that can help your business crush competitors request a demo today!


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