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Top Social Media Acronyms

Posted by Cassandra
November 3, 2016

Have you ever wondered what the 411 is with all the acronyms out there on social media? Well, as a foremost authority on everything social, SOCi can help. Here are the top social media acronyms YSK IRL 2B GTG—and, yes, . . . Read More

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LinkedIn Best Practices for 2016

Posted by Neil
October 28, 2016

Year after year we are faced with new challenges, and keeping up with the latest Social Media trends is more important than ever. Whether you’re looking to network with old co-workers, create a new business opportunity or find a new . . . Read More

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6 Things Social Media Managers Despise

Posted by Joanna
October 26, 2016

#SocialMediaManagerProblems As social media managers, we are generally thrilled that our position involves discovering adorable pet photos, encountering interesting (and sometimes questionable) comments and creating catchy content that appeals to our targeted audiences. However, there are some aspects of our role that make . . . Read More

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Creating a Social Media Campaign That Works

Posted by Taku
October 24, 2016

Are you considering running a social media campaign, but don’t know how to reach your target audience? Have you tried running a social campaign, but haven’t gotten the results you want? There are several ways to create a campaign that conveys your message to . . . Read More


4 Strategies for Scary-Good Social Media

Posted by Amanda
October 19, 2016

The air is starting to cool; the leaves have begun changing colors and, just like that, holiday season is approaching. First up: spooky, spine-chilling Halloween! Halloween may be famous for goblins, ghosts and ghouls, but it is also known to . . . Read More

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Facebook Releases New App Called Events

Posted by Jhed
October 17, 2016

Facebook Introduces Events App One of Facebook’s most loved and unique feature is events. Facebook claims more than 100 million people use Facebook events everyday to discover things they can do with their friends and family. They have created a . . . Read More

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