Multi Family Properties Are Flocking to Google Plus

4 Reasons Multifamily Properties Are Flocking To Google+

Posted by Jhed
July 15, 2015

Let’s face it. You’re already having a hard time managing your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Now we are telling you to throw Google+ in the mix. We get it, it’s a lot to manage. However, for multifamily property managers, they . . . Read More

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Tracking Your Social Media ROI
Part 2 – Online to Offline

Posted by Jhed
April 8, 2015

How To Track Your Offline Impact From Social Media In our last post, we covered how to measure your social media ROI for online conversions. But what about businesses whose customers convert offline? Businesses often question how much impact social media campaigns are . . . Read More

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Tracking Your Social Media ROI
Part 1 – Online to Online

Posted by Jhed
March 19, 2015

How Track Your Online Impact From Social Media At SOCi, we understand that adopting social media is crucial to achieve business marketing goals. But are you measuring the ROI on your social media investment? The Social Media Analytics Myth The . . . Read More

4 Critical Social Media Factors for Local SEO

4 Critical Social Media Factors For Your Local SEO

Posted by Jhed
February 20, 2015

Local SEO: From Quantity to Quality Local SEO used to be a game of quantity. It was about how many times a site could stuff geo-targeted keywords in a page or post and how many backlinks you could achieve. Search engines, . . . Read More

Facebook is Critical to Marketing

5 Reasons Why Facebook Should Be Critical To Your Marketing Strategy in 2015

Posted by Jhed
January 20, 2015

  In today’s always-connected world, consumers call the shots. They decide which brands earn their trust, which brands they will engage with, and more importantly what platforms brands should be participating on. In a recent survey conducted by inbound marketing . . . Read More

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