Streamline Social Listening With Buy-In From Local Teams


Online conversations related to your business are happening all the time, but because 96 percent of social media talk is unbranded, this data gold often goes unseen. A single comment can turn into a viral PR crisis or create a valuable business opportunity. So how are you managing these crucial conversations and protecting your reputation across 100s or 1000s of locations? Within this blog, we’ll look at why social listening is essential across business locations, share how you can get buy-in from local teams, and provide tips for leveraging the conversations found through social listening.


The Importance of Social Listening Across Business Locations 


Social listening allows your multi-location business to uncover conversations happening about or around your business. While keeping track of these discussions at the corporate level is necessary, individual business locations need to understand what consumers are saying locally. For instance, both consumers voicing concerns about parking at your Austin, Texas location and excellent customer service mentions at your Nashville location provide invaluable insight.


Doing a quick social listening search at the corporate level might not reveal essential conversations, which is why each of your business locations should leverage social listening as well. Christian Betancourt, Former Director of Digital Marketing at Anytime Fitness, said it best: “As a franchisor with multiple brands, we need to be attentive to all customer conversations to stay competitive, best serve our members, and innovate against our digital strategy. The ability to listen to critical feedback and questions on our social accounts and beyond helped us provide virtual classes during the pandemic and allowed us to maintain members during a time when mass cancelations were occurring across the industry.”


How to Get Support From Local Teams 


To get your local businesses to adopt social listening, you must first prove its importance. The benefits of social listening far outweigh any perceived additional effort the tool may require. Social listening allows multi-location marketers to:

  • Fuel an authentic content strategy with local user-generated content
  • Empower local businesses to discover and share content relevant to their local market
  • Discover ways to dominate your local market
  • Centralize local and corporate conversations happening on social media and the web
  • Ensure you never miss out on a local sales opportunity


Sharing these benefits with your local businesses can help them better realize the importance of adopting social listening. Having a tool that can help streamline social listening across business locations is essential for more buy-in. If your multi-location business doesn’t already have a device you’re using, SOCi Listening can help. SOCi Listening is the elite listening product explicitly built for multi-location companies. Through SOCi Listening, your multi-location business would gain VIP access to critical conversations happening around your business, industry trends, and competitors. SOCi Listening enables both national and local marketers to take advantage of the power of online listening and will allow your business to dominate local markets effortlessly.



Tips to Streamline Social Listening Findings 


Once you have the buy-in from your local teams, what do you do next? It’s essential to effectively use the information you gain from social listening to boost your localized marketing efforts. While using social listening to mitigate any potential crises is critical, there are other ways your multi-location business can take advantage of social listening. For instance, companies can use findings from social listening to inform local social efforts. What types of conversations are happening around your business? Are there specific conversation topics that come up the most? If so, your business can post about these topics locally or engage in the conversations that already exist.


Your local businesses can also tap user-generated content and positive customer testimonials found through social listening for your local social efforts. Potential customers trust other customers, and social listening allows you to showcase positive experiences. On the other hand, your multi-location business can turn negative conversations into positive responses. If customers complain about a particular product or service, your business can decide if it’s worth making a change. Based on what you hear, you can use local social media to clear up confusion or communicate changes surrounding products or services to show users you are listening to what they want.



Finally, as mentioned previously, social listening allows you to discover any potential online leads or identify if the competition is beating you out on prospects. Either way, you can use this information to better your localized marketing efforts. For example, if you find local leads through social listening, your local businesses can then engage and hopefully convert them into a sale. Likewise, if you see that a competitor is winning your target audience over, you can rethink how you should be marketing with them and make more effort to engage at the local level.


Social listening provides excellent benefits for both corporate and local teams and shouldn’t be overlooked. Once you have buy-in from your local teams, you can optimize your localized marketing efforts to crush the competition. While we’ve already mentioned that SOCi Listening can help your multi-location business with your social listening efforts, we can help in other aspects of your localized marketing efforts as well. SOCi is the central command for multi-location marketers and the all-in-one platform for your localized marketing needs. So whether you want to boost your local social strategy, focus more on reputation management, or improve your local listings, SOCi has you covered. For more information on how SOCi can help your business achieve great things, request a demo today!



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