Boost PLUS

Social Boosting built for multi-location businesses.


Boost in Mass, Efficiently

Recent algorithm changes on Facebook impacted organic reach and forced marketers to rethink their social media strategy. While boosting helps regain that reach, multi-location marketers need more efficient solutions. Meet Boost PLUS, by SOCi.

Whether you are a local brand marketer or a corporate office who needs to drive results for 100s to 1,000s of locations, SOCi Boost PLUS lets you boost unlimited, custom social posts for multiple pages in less than 30 seconds.

How? With the use of Dynamic Text, you can inject localized content into all social posts boosted across multiple pages.

SOCi Boost PLUS also provides flexibility in how you fund your boost campaigns. Choose to evenly distribute your social boosting budget across all of your locations or customize the spend for each post, all through one centralized tool. Additionally, marketers can pay for boosted posts from either a corporate account or local ad accounts.

Remove Guesswork with Automated Recommendations

Local businesses need an easy way to boost existing posts. SOCi Boost PLUS recommends the top three posts to boost for each location and group, based on past performance. And once you know which posts to boost, SOCi empowers marketers to choose to boost for reach or for engagement, and select the duration of the boost.

SOCi Boost PLUS also allows corporate or local teams to pre-set audience targeting and other time-consuming aspects of social boosting. Then, users can view the estimated reach before boosts are scheduled, and make modifications, as needed.

By simplifying the boost process, brands will see locations increase their use of social boosting for an improved marketing ROI.

Centralize Reporting and Notifications

SOCi Boost PLUS automatically aggregates a summary of your boost budget, spend and performance metrics across your entire network (nationally, regionally and locally) through a centralized dashboard.

Drill down to view and compare performance for each individual location or regions, and gain key insights to allow national and local marketing teams to optimize boost campaigns. Additionally, users can consolidate boost alerts and notifications across your locations in one platform.

Watch how you can boost hundreds of social media posts across hundreds of pages in seconds.

What our customers say about SOCi Boost PLUS

  • “Recently we started to utilize the Boost PLUS and reputation management systems that SOCi offers. We could not be more satisfied with these added services! The team at SOCi is absolutely amazing and helped make the integration smooth for our company.”

    Joshua L.

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