Are customers or prospects talking? Are your locations responding quickly and on-brand?

Surface the conversations most important to you.

Online users expect timely responses to their engagements, from questions about a specific location to reviews about your products or services.

Give your team the power to quickly see what people are saying and promptly respond across all your locations. SOCi’s Care solution allows you to easily filter engagements by their source, sentiment, and even by specific keywords. By setting up and establishing smart rules, you can quickly assign tasks to specific locations or individuals within your organization to ensure every question, comment, or review receives the perfect response.

Proactively manage all of your reviews in one platform.

SOCi pulls reviews from Yelp, Facebook, Google, and many more reputation networks — giving you the ability to manage every review on every site using one convenient platform.

Through advanced features like sentiment analysis and competitive insights, businesses can now be more proactive in resolving common questions and issues — increasing consumer satisfaction and ultimately sales.

Competitive intelligence and insights.

SOCi’s Reputation Insights with sentiment and competitive analysis allow brands to identify, quantify and extract keyword trends occurring in comments and reviews at both a national and local level. By honing in on these insights, businesses can proactively resolve common issues, increase consumer satisfaction, and quickly identify areas to promote as key differentiators in-market.

Ready to see what SOCi can do for you?

Learn how you can manage social content, reviews, and ads across 100’s or 1,000’s of locations in a single platform.

Everything you need to manage Localized Social Marketing at-scale


Reporting Suite 

Quantify, validate and easily present the success of your social media efforts at the national, regional or local level.


Workflow Solutions

With adjustable manager permissions settings, customizable email notifications, and a streamlined approval process, SOCi can be fully customized to fit your needs.


Mobile Accessibility

The same SOCi performance and ease of use, now available on mobile. See every alert, respond to reviews and comments even faster, and create social media content on the go. SOCi Go is now available for iPhone and Android.


Professional Services
Don’t have the time or resources to manage your localized social strategy? Let the professionals at SOCi do it for you. The best part — we guarantee results!

What our customers say about SOCi

  • “Everything I can see in one stop. The Reputation Dashboard is AMAZING!! I love being able to search quickly to see how we are doing on the review platforms. Being able to easily filter by date, platform or keywords. LOVE IT!!”

    Danielle J.

    Marketing and Training Director, as referenced on

  • “With SOCi we can allow our site teams to manage their social media and/or reputation management. I love the ease of using the product and analytical reporting.”

    Jessica R.

    As referenced on

  • “I love the SOCi platform and truly believe most prospects read reviews and base their decision to reside at a community from those reviews.”


    As referenced on


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