Receive timely notifications and ensure on-brand responses for every engagement on every social platform — across all business locations.

Elevate Customer Care

Give your local marketing teams the power to perform real-time customer care on all major social networks.

See every question, comment, private message, and tweet at the national level, and enable rules-based assignments to ensure local marketing teams respond at the speed customers expect.

Tap into Local Conversations

People are talking about each of your business locations online. Shouldn’t you know what they’re saying? With SOCi, you can monitor these conversations and respond to consumers in real-time as they engage with your brand.

Nurture leads, improve conversions, and elevate your customer service experience with prompt and brand-consistent responses.

Streamline Every Workflow

With SOCi, prioritizing and resolving engagements across 100s or 1000s of location is quick and effortless. Receive timely notifications as online users engage with your brand, establish smart rules to automatically route engagements to team members, and manage your tasks and deadlines with ease.

Equip your teams with the necessary tools to deliver real-time, brand verified responses, so that you never miss a chance to engage with your local audiences.

What our customers say about SOCi

  • “The Reputation Dashboard is AMAZING! I love being able to search quickly to see how we are doing on the review platforms. Being able to easily filter by date, platform or keywords. LOVE IT!”

    Danielle J.

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