Designed for multi-location marketers, the SOCi Content Manager simplifies social media collaboration between corporate and local teams.

Share Content Libraries

Keep social branding consistent across locations with SOCi’s shared content libraries. This feature allows multi-location businesses to store and organize images, videos and messaging for different social campaigns, all within one shared platform.

Now corporate, regional and local teams can access shared content libraries, which gives each team the ability to create, schedule and approve social posts. With SOCi, it’s easy to synchronize localized social marketing efforts across all levels of multi-location businesses.

Discover Top-Performing Content

Quickly and easily find the web’s top trending content — and use it to inspire and fuel your business’ content efforts. With SOCi, marketers can discover timely, relevant news and posts and share across multiple business locations, all from one platform that does the discovery legwork for you.

Your business’ content can also be analyzed and discovered. Use SOCi to identify your business’ top-performing content and share the posts across multiple locations and social channels.

Create Multi-Location Workflows

Keep your brand’s content consistent with social workflows designed for multi-location businesses. SOCi empowers corporate and local teams to collaborate on social content across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Google My Business. Corporate, regional, or local teams can create, schedule, and approve posts and contests with one centralized social media calendar.

With automated notifications, every team at every level knows which posts to schedule, approve, and post. Your team will never miss a post, and your social strategy will never miss a beat.

What our customers say about SOCi

  • “SOCi is a great tool to plan posts and keep all your content together in one place. Instead of having multiple Excel and Word documents to keep my content straight it all fits in SOCi saving me time and headaches.”

    Brooke W.

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