CoMarketing Software that

creates on-brand content. responds in real time. engages cross-channel.automates intelligent workflows. scales local interactions. maximizes your ROI.

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Automate your most important workflows at scale

SOCi Genius leverages advanced data science, best-in-class generative AI, “on-brand” training models, and leading localization and automation tools to make data-driven decisions that fuel smarter marketing strategies and increase ROI.

Genius Reviews

SOCi Genius is trained to automatically aggregate and respond to all your reviews in an authentic and on-brand voice, increasing your reputation and brand visibility.

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Genius Social

Enhance your social media management through advanced AI automation, reshaping the way multi-location enterprises craft localized content and interact with consumers.

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Genius Search

Unlock the full potential of local visibility with Genius Search, where AI-driven insights meet local market trends to keep you ahead in search rankings.

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Genius Ads

SOCi Genius generates and deploys highly targeted and engaging local ads specifically crafted for your objectives, from reach and engagement to leads, clicks and calls.

Genius Chat

SOCi Genius delivers 24/7 customer care and lead generation with customized, on-brand responses that can adapt to individual conversations across all locations.

Genius Surveys

SOCi Genius will determine what questions to ask and automate timely, professional, and on-brand responses to capture the conversation and leads in real time.

Genius Pages

SOCi Genius auto generates and updates local product and service landing pages that maximize your search visibility while driving both online and offline conversions.

How SOCi Genius works

Aggregate Data Across Channels

It starts with bringing all of your brand data across all locations and all channels into a single platform.

AI-Driven Analysis & Recommendations

SOCi’s Advanced AI analyzes local interactions across numerous channels and business outcomes to generates deep insights and recommendations.

Intelligent Automation

SOCi Genius automates data-driven tasks and customer touchpoints across all locations and channels maximizing ROI.

Ready to leverage AI automate workflowsmaximize ROIdrive efficiency

with SOCi Genius?

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Ready to

leverage AI automate workflowsmaximize ROI drive efficiency

with SOCi Genius?

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