AMAZIO Integrated with SOCi to Grow their Agency Business by 58% in Three Months

The Challenge

AMAZIO is a full-service digital agency that serves small and medium-sized businesses with digital presence, social media engagement, and reputation management.

Before integrating with SOCi, AMAZIO focused on SEO and saw a great opportunity to include social media and reputation management in their product and service offerings.

The SOCi Solution

In partnering with SOCi, AMAZIO created a robust platform that now manages a client’s digital presence, social media, and reputation management on both a self-service and full-service experience. With both managed services and an intelligent platform, AMAZIO saw a significant increase in new business.

SOCi Results

As a result, AMAZIO saw a 58% increase in new business development in the first three months. AMAZIO plans to increase this growth by 400%-700% in the next 6 months.

AMAZIO’s hospitality clients achieved…



increase in Facebook reach



increase in Facebook engagement



increase in Facebook Impressions



increase in Instagram reach



increase in Instagram impressions


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