Highmark Residential Boosts Localized Marketing Efforts Through the Use of SOCi

The Challenge

Highmark Residential is one of the country’s largest residential property management firms, providing management services throughout the United States. The firm utilizes its in-house expertise to perform leasing, marketing, accounting, legal and financial analysis services. With more than 215 communities across the U.S., the marketing team requires a platform that not only allows for easy content management and assurance of brand consistency across the portfolio but that also affords the capability of onsite teams to streamline posting efforts, fostering engagement with residents and local businesses.

The SOCi Solution

By leveraging SOCi’s central command, Highmark Residential is able to maintain a constant connection with current and future residents through highly relevant, localized content on Facebook. As a result, they’ve seen a steady increase in engagement throughout the pandemic. Although Highmark posted 29% less in Q3 than in Q1, they saw a 61% increase in comments and a 3.8% increase in clicks.

SOCi Results

“SOCi has provided our on-site teams with a user-friendly tool that streamlines posting efforts and encourages consistent communication. As a result, we’ve seen an increase in engagement on Facebook, even amidst the pandemic, which is vital in communicating adaptations and creating those much needed meaningful moments that keep our communities connected.” – Susan Goff, Director of Brand Management


Highmark Residential saw the following areas of improvement…



Increase in Facebook comments



Increase in Facebook clicks



Decrease in Facebook posting




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