Trinity Property Consultants uses SOCi Smartbot™ to book 41 appointments in 60 days and received more than 7,000 messages.

The Challenge

You need to deliver 24/7 customer care and lead generation but:

  • Your customers and prospects are on social media 2-4 hours a day
  • 1.8 bIllion use Facebook Messenger to talk to businesses
  • Your property managers are too busy with competing priorities
  • Most inquiries are outside of normal business hours!!

The SOCi Solution

SOCi Smartbot™ never misses a question or a lead:

  • Lives on Facebook Messenger at EVERY location
  • Can be embedded anywhere (I.e. website, email, text)
  • Uses advanced machine learning to deliver localized responses to questions about
    office hours, floor plans, availability, pricing, maintenance requests and more
  • SOCi SmartBot can even book appointments!!!
  • Converts 100% of conversations into leads, giving you full lead source attribution
  • Pair it with SOCi’s Facebook Messenger Ads product to drive new customers

SOCi Results

In a recent test across 5 locations for 60 days, SOCi SmartBot responded to 7,000 inquiries from more than 1,600 people, making sure that no customer care issues went unanswered, and that properties did not miss critical opportunities to engage with their local community, while managers attended to other priorities. Best of all, SOCi SmartBot booked 41 appointments!


“SOCi SmartBot lets us handle conversations when no one’s around. It can answer questions, drive call-to-actions, and book appointments! It’s truly life-changing.” – Cassidy Clark, Director of Marketing, Trinity Property Consultants


In just 60 days, Trinity Property Consultants saw the following areas of improvement…



unique conversations



total messages



appointments booked




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