Pluckers Wing Bar utilizes SOCi Reviews to boost online visibility and improve review replies. 

The Challenge

After commiserating over the lack of late-night food options available in Austin, Texas, then college students, Mark, Dave and Sean decided to create Pluckers Wing Bar. In 1955 they started humbly with a small 1,100-square-foot space. With a strong knack for creating delicious food, Pluckers sold out their first day in business and have continued on a fast growth path ever since. They now have over 20 locations and a fiercely loyal group of wing fanatics for their creations.


As Pluckers continues to grow, so does their evangelist following. This has led to a high volume of reviews and the need to develop a strategic approach to how they address those reviews across numerous platforms and local pages.

The SOCi Solution

The Pluckers team leveraged SOCi to quickly get a bird’s eye view of all pending reviews and networks, and to efficiently provide professional responses to those local reviews at scale. By using SOCi, they were able to improve their response time and their volume of responses overall. That in turn grew their search performance from 13 million to 21 million and led to an 8% increase in Google My Business Leads, too.

SOCi Results

“Our guest’s feedback has always been important to us, but, especially as we grow, that guest feedback is increasingly more important in my opinion. It’s a critical way for us to understand how we can improve in each of the unique communities we serve. SOCi makes that input manageable for us across all locations so we can get back to what we do best: making great wings!” –Dale White, Digital Marketing Manager (Minister of Fun)


From Q2 2020 to Q3 of 2021, Pluckers saw the following areas of improvement…



The percentage of review replies within 24 hours



Increase in search appearances



Increase in total views, from 13 million to 21 million




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