The Secrets of Facebook Post Engagement

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Nicole Nakagawa-Rafter

Technical Solutions Architect, gTech Sustainability

Damian Rollison

Director of Market Insight at SOCi

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Join us as we discuss our findings on our latest research The Secrets to Facebook Post Engagement. You’re invited to a virtual presentation of our latest report!

  • Baseline engagement rates on Facebook by industry
  • Facebook’s enforced limitation on audience reach and what to do about it
  • The most important factors driving improved engagement in the form of reactions, comments, and shares

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Helpful Time Stamps: 

Intro 0:00

Facebook as a Local Platform 4:15

Business Discovery | Business Research 7:20

2022 Local Visibility Benchmarks 9:00

Select Social Metrics - 2022 Benchmarks 12:30

Advantages of Local Engagement 17:10

Examining  Facebook Performance 18:15

Facebook Correlation Metrics 21:16

Facebook Correlation Metrics Post with Video 28:52

Engagement Does Not Increase by Audience Size 32:55

Boosting Drives Engagement 39:25

Boosting Really Drives Reach 41:14

Key Takeaways 43:10

Tips for Organic Engagement 44:57

Tips for Boosted Post 49:30

More Social Media Tips & Tricks 52:13

Questions 53:02



With 82% of consumers having purchased something they discovered on social media,* brands know they must be present and engaging on social platforms in order to compete for the attention of today’s digital-first consumers. Facebook is the central hub of the social universe, but many brands struggle to get the attention of local followers on the platform. What are the true drivers of improved engagement on Facebook?

Join us as we discuss the findings of our latest research on the secrets of Facebook post engagement. We’ll cover:

Nicole Nakagawa-Rafter

Technical Solutions Architect, gTech Sustainability


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Learn about the factors that drive consumer engagement on Facebook for multi-location brands

* The Influencer Marketing Factory, Social Commerce 2022 Report

With over a decade of local search experience, Damian Rollison, SOCI's Director of Market Insights, has focused his career on discovering innovative ways to help businesses large and small get noticed online. Damian's columns appear at Street Fight, Search Engine Land, and other publications, and he is a frequent speaker at industry conferences such as Localogy, Brand Innovators, State of Search, DMO Advanced, SMX, and more.