The Top Resident Complains & How to Respond to Them

Do you know how to turn resident complaints into positive experiences?

In a survey of over 10,000 residents, we analyzed the top complaints and wanted to share them with you. Among the top? Rent, lack of amenities, pet noise, and poor response time to maintenance requests. 

So how do you, as a responsive and respectable property manager, go about not only responding to these very common complaints but take these potentially negative experiences and turn them into positive ones?  

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3 of 5 resident complaints directly relates to customer service. 
50% of residents are more likely to share a poor experience then they are a positive one. 
The most popular places that residents like to air their grievances? Yelp and Facebook. 

Learn how to turn even the angriest resident into a property evangelist with this playbook!

The majority of residents now take to social media expecting a resolution to complaints, edging out phone calls and emails. 
There are effective ways to respond to the most common resident complaints. And 9 times out of 10 it boils down to a simple practice: open communication. 

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