The most complete listening tool for multi-location businesses.


“As a franchisor with multiple brands, we need to be attentive to all customer conversations to stay competitive, best serve our members, and innovate against our digital strategy. The ability to listen to critical feedback and questions on our social accounts and beyond helped us provide virtual classes during the pandemic and allowed us to maintain members during a time when mass cancelations were occurring across the industry.”


Christian Betancourt, Former Director of Digital Marketing (Paid, Social, & Local)



Fuel your brand’s growth by hearing what your customers and community are saying in real-time.


Online conversations about your business are happening all the time — but 96% of these are not directed at and do not mention a brand, which means that they often go unseen. A single comment can either turn into a viral PR crisis or a valuable business opportunity — how are you managing these important conversations and protecting your reputation across 100s or 1000s of locations?


Introducing SOCi Listening — the elite listening product that gives you VIP access to every critical conversation happening around your business.
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Experience Next Level Listening

  • Business Insights

    • Centralize corporate and local conversations happening on social and the web
    • Mitigate potential crises before they happen with smart alerts
    • Gain a holistic view of your business and use data to inform business decisions at the national and local level
  • User-Generated Content

    • Fuel an authentic content strategy with local user-generated content
    • Build awareness, increase engagement, and drive local purchase decisions
    • Empower local businesses to discover and share content relevant to their local market
  • Competitor & Industry Trends

    • Discover ways to be the best in your local market
    • Centralize competitive and industry insights at the national and local level
    • Benchmark and optimize social strategies based on current trends
  • Social Selling

    • Ensure you never miss out on local sales opportunities
    • Respond to potential leads while they’re hot and delight customers with prompt follow up
    • Save time with in-platform collaboration to route leads to the right locations

Take control of your online presence & exceed customer expectations.

Stay ahead of every potential disaster and every business opportunity with a simplified yet powerful listening solution that protects your reputation — at both the enterprise and local level.


SOCi Listening enables both national and local marketers to take advantage of the power of online listening. Improve brand oversight and alleviate business risk by leveraging localized listening feeds to monitor customer conversation and mitigate potential crises the minute they surface.

Dominate your local markets with effortless discovery of customer content.

Connecting with your potential customers is an imperative first step to driving traffic to your business. With SOCi Listening, you have a front-row seat to authentic and engaging user-generated content across 100s or 1000s of locations that you can use to enhance your own strategy and make those critical localized connections for your business.

Master your localized marketing strategy and drive growth for your business with SOCi Listening.

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