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Reviews are the #1 factor consumers use
to make a purchase decision.


It is critical for companies to take a more proactive approach to managing and maintaining a positive online reputation. With consumers’ changing digital habits, online reviews have major implications on your bottom line. Reviews affect how consumers perceive your business, make purchase decisions, and your ranking in search results. What are you doing to leverage your online reputation?

Experience a Next Level Reviews Solution

  • Leverage key review insights to command better business decisions.

    Through SOCi, users can view every action taken on reviews, and monitor every activity on social media. Now, your local, regional, and corporate teams will always know which reviews and social engagements are addressed, and which ones still require attention to ensure the prompt responses consumers expect.

  • You’ve worked tirelessly to establish a strong brand, don’t allow off-brand responses from a local manager to ruin it.

    Implementing review response workflows for multi-location businesses ensures brand-appropriate and prompt responses. Local teams can receive notifications for new reviews, draft responses, get corporate response approval, and choose from pre-crafted responses with dynamic text capabilities to automatically personalize unique responses to each situation — all in one tool!

  • Reviews are the #1 factor consumers use to make a purchase decision — how are you leveraging your online reputation?

    With SOCi Reviews, you can increase customer satisfaction and attract new leads. By empowering your local users with a tool to efficiently create personalized responses, you are not only improving relations with every customer through a positive engagement, but also significantly increasing your business’s search visibility with every review and response — meaning more happy customers for you, and more potential customers seeing your brand when they search!

“SOCi allows our brand the ability to quickly connect with our guests in regards to their experience with our local owners and team. It is an exceptional tool that continues to exceed our expectations as our company grows.”

Carol DeNembo Vice President, Marketing

Never miss an opportunity to elevate your reputation.

Save time and money by aggregating all your reviews across all your locations into one centralized platform with SOCi — accessible by both corporate and local teams. Plus, give local marketing teams the power to respond to reviews, and your corporate team the ability to maintain oversight through the creation of approval workflows.


Now with the ability to upload brand approved, pre-crafted responses, reply to 10s or 100s of reviews at the same time, or generate responses based on machine learning, your local locations are empowered to be more personal, save precious time, and improve search visibility, all with one simple workflow.

Champion emerging sentiment and leave your competition in the dust.

Maximize the insights you receive from your online reviews with SOCi. With Reputation Insights, you can identify and manage emerging sentiment trends from online reviews while analyzing shifts in online reputation over time — for both your business and your competition. With SOCi, you can analyze data, make proactive changes, and set your business apart from the competition.

Master your localized marketing strategy and drive growth for your business with SOCi.
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