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Did you know a single negative review costs a
business on average $3k per year?

Source: ShopAssociationOrg, The Cost of Bad Online Reviews – December 2022

It is critical for companies to take a proactive approach to managing and maintaining a positive online reputation as they have major implications to your bottom line.


Introducing SOCi Genius Reviews

SOCi Genius is trained to automatically aggregate and respond to all your reviews in an authentic and on-brand voice, increasing your reputation and brand visibility.

All Major Reputation & Review Networks

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Protect Your Brand

Protect your online brand presence with on-brand, prompt & consistent review responses.

Give local marketing teams the power to respond to reviews, and your corporate team the ability to maintain oversight through the aggregation of all reviews into one dashboard and the creation of approval workflows.

Save Lost Revenue

Save lost revenue by reducing the impact of unmanaged customer reviews. Maximize ROI with improved search visibility to drive more sales by responding quicker and to more reviews, helping you influence more customers and boosting local search rankings.

Make Better Business Decisions

Track sentiment, identify emerging trends, monitor shifts over time, and analyze local competitors with deep reputation insights to make data-driven decisions that help improve overall customer satisfaction and retention.

SOCi Reviews Recognized as the Best Enterprise Solution by G2

Master your localized marketing strategy and drive growth for your business with SOCi. Request your free demo today.


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With SOCi Genius Reviews, GPT-4 will automatically suggest review responses to local reviews that are personalized and localized. You will also have the ability to pre-load review response templates and set approval workflows to coordinate responses between teams.

With SOCi's localized workflows, your locations can receive real-time email or push notifications allowing local teams to deliver timely responses to reviews. Corporate teams can also measure response times and monitor performance and customer satisfaction across all locations.

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With SOCi Genius Reviews, you’ll engage with customers in meaningful ways by leveraging AI to generate personalized and localized review responses at scale. With every review and response, you can significantly increase your business’s search visibility and attract new leads.

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With SOCi review insights, you can identify and manage emerging sentiment trends from reviews while analyzing shifts in how customers view your business over time. You can analyze average review score, positive, neutral, and negative sentiment trends, as well as the number of total reviews, and more, for both your business and your competition.

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