The Property Management Playbook for Localized Social Marketing 


The Property Management Playbook for Localized Social Marketing

Learn how to ramp up local social marketing to promote and support your communities.

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Property management companies have an untapped marketing opportunity in localized social marketing. That’s why SOCi literally wrote the book on it.

Introducing The Property Management Playbook for Localized Social Marketing —   the powerful, step-by-step guide to learn how marketers at both the management company and property level can ramp
up an effective local social media strategy, which will result in: 

  • Boosting the property’s awareness
  • Attracting and retaining residents
  • Generating leads and influencing leasing decisions

See how organizations like Steadfast Companies, FPI Management, and Bridge Property Management are using social marketing as a competitive edge with this tell-all guide.

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With a dual focus on protecting the brand while empowering local agents/franchisees, SOCi has developed more than a dozen marketing tools as well as unique multi-layered permission systems, workflows and approval solutions to help brands succeed in social media and reputation from corporate to the local business. 

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