"What to Do About Fake Reviews"

We can’t control what is being posted online, but we can control where the discussion goes.

Ideally, your brand has a response strategy in place to help resolve the impact of negative reviews, but what can you do when the review is one-sided, exaggerated, or just plain false? The SOCi experts have created this guide with you in mind so you can maintain your professional image, turn negative experiences around, and keep your online reputation in check.

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Do you know how many user-created Facebook pages exist that are representing your brand across multiple locations? Do you understand the impact of these pages if not properly managed?
Facebook is the second largest search site (next to Google). But if your local customers can't find you, you're missing out on bug business. See how you're raking today!

How's your social media health?

How to identify spam reviews
How to respond to exaggerated or fake reviews
Where to go if a review violates community guidelines

Take some simple steps to rectify your review situation and take back control of your online reputation. Download the guide here!

How to take control of your online reputation by responding to negative reviews.
Negative Reviews can affect any business at any time. With a plan in place you'll be able to handle any star rating that comes your way. This resource will teach you everything you should know about...

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