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3 Tips For Better Social Boosting


If you’re a marketer, changes to Facebook’s algorithm likely threw you for a big loop.


“The death of organic reach”, as it’s been called, has marketers everywhere searching for new ways to increase brand awareness and engagement.


Since then, you probably had to increase your budget for ads and sponsored content… and chances are, “social boosting” has created inefficiencies for you and your team.


Questions such as: “Which posts should I boost?”, “How long do I boost this post for?”, “How do I track my spend across multiple locations?” are probably keeping you up at night.


If your business has multiple locations, such as franchise, retail or property management, you’re facing additional pain.


Boosting each post for each location – one at a time – takes time. Gathering data and developing insights for each location, and then rolling it up for your entire business, also takes time.


Let’s end the pain.


Here are the 3 tips for better social boosting!


Tip 1: Centralize Control of Social Boosting and Reports


It doesn’t just sound simple — it is!


Condense all of your social media activities into one single platform and control your brand messaging, reviews notifications and social boosting in one dashboard, without pulling teeth.


Being able to analyze the performance of each boosted post on a single dashboard will simplify your social strategy and take the guesswork out of social boosting. You’ll know exactly which posts to boost.


Whether you are boosting from one, or multiple, ad account(s), integrating those accounts into your social media management platform will simplify the allocation of your advertising budget.


Lastly, life happens. While you may never need to pause your boosted posts, having all activities in one place will allow you to stop multiple – or all boosts – with a single click.


Tip 2: Do Social Boosts in Mass

Say goodbye to boosting one post at a time and start boosting multiple posts across hundreds of locations (or hundreds of pages).

Once all of your social media activity is consolidated under one dashboard, organize your social media pages into groups and mass boost your top-performing posts to specific audiences.


When mass boosting, don’t limit your boosting options. You should be able to customize your campaign objective and boost any post based on reach, engagement — or both!


Consider customizing the length of each boost to accommodate your social content calendar and maximize your reach and engagement levels.


Tip 3: Take Your Social Boosting Strategy Local


Social networks have evolved, and consumers have changed the way they interact and engage with brands. Localized conversations are now paramount.


Dynamically inject local content into your social posts and mass boost them across all of your individual location pages.


Pre-define local target audiences and use those settings when boosting posts so you can estimate your reach before social boosting. Not having to set audience filters every time will save you additional time.


Are you currently evaluating MarTech to help reduce social boosting inefficiency?


You’ll ultimately want to choose a platform that analyzes post-performance, compares engagement levels, and recommends posts for you to boost.


In doing so, you’ll know exactly which content to boost, you’ll boost it across hundreds of pages in a fraction of the time you spent boosting individual posts, and your reach and engagement levels will reach new heights.


So… streamline your social media workflow and shift your focus back towards developing amazing content!


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