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Win More Leads and Improve Customer Care With SOCi SmartBot for SMS


Efficient and effective communication is something every consumer would appreciate about companies they do business with. In today’s digital-first world, consumers expect communication to be faster than ever before. This is where chatbots come in. Empowered by artificial intelligence (AI), chatbots initiate personalized conversations, build brand trust, acquire more leads, close more deals, and get more precise customer feedback. 


While chatbots are a great way to connect with consumers, wouldn’t it be great to be able to connect with consumers with a device they have with them 24/7? Consumers always have their phones and never leave the house without them. A chatbot that can communicate through SMS is the newest way to communicate with customers more efficiently than ever before.    


Introducing SOCi SmartBot for SMS 


Last year, SOCi released SOCi SmartBot, the first chatbot built specifically for multi-location marketers for  Facebook messages, Google My Business messages, and websites, but that was just the beginning! 


We’re excited to announce that SOCi SmartBot now supports SMS.  The SOCi SmartBot SMS feature will empower consumers to text businesses through an auto-generated SMS number and receive 24/7 customer support. The new feature will also be an additional way for businesses to use the tool to capture leads. If consumers aren’t leveraging Facebook or GMB today, your business can still conveniently connect with them any time and any place via text messaging directly on their mobile phones. If multi-location businesses aren’t already convinced that SOCi SmartBot is the best chatbot option for multi-location marketers, this new feature changes the game. 


Benefits of the SOCi SmartBot With SMS


SOCi SmartBot SMS texting changes the game by  allowing you to reach your target audiences more conveniently and in more places, but there are additional value-added benefits For instance, SOCi SmartBot with SMS allows your multi-location business to: 

  • Reduce the amount of time consumers spend looking for answers to questions they may have about your business. Instead of emailing and waiting for a response, they can get their answer almost instantly through SMS. 
  • Never miss a lead. Even when your multi-location business is closed, texting through SOCi SmartBot SMS is always open, ensuring that your business won’t miss a potential customer. 
  • Personalize your interactions with prospects and customers. With SOCi SmartBot SMS texting, customers have your business at their fingertips. This allows you to be more personal in your communications and interact with them, so your business stays top of mind and ultimately wins more sales. 
  • Connect with consumers where they are. SOCi SmartBot supercharges your customer experience by connecting with consumers where they spend a lot of time each day, on their phones and texting. 



This new feature will help strengthen your business’s communication efforts and allow you to stand out from the competition. Once your company has an SMS number through SOCi SmartBot, you can share it on your website and local social channels so that consumers will be aware of their ability to connect with your business through text messages. 


Level-Up Your Localized Marketing Efforts With SOCi SmartBot for SMS 


Now that you understand the benefits of this addition to SOCi SmartBot, there’s not a better time to start strengthening your communication with your target audience. By leveraging our smartbot and its new feature, your multi-location business can improve your customer care and spend time focusing on other areas of your localized marketing strategy. 


While SOCi SmartBot is an excellent option for strengthening communication, SOCi has other offerings to support multi-location marketers. From local search to reputation management to local social, SOCi has you covered. For more insight into how SOCi can help you crush your goals, request a demo today! 


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