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Introducing Genius Search: The Future of Local SEO


Our recent research found that 80% of consumers search for local businesses online at least weekly, and nearly a third do so daily. 


As a multi-location business or franchise, your brand must appear in branded and non-branded search results. Achieving high rankings is the top priority of local SEO, as they drive organic and in-person foot traffic.


Unfortunately, numerous companies still rely on conventional listing management techniques, which essentially involve maintaining accurate name, address, and phone number (NAP) citations across various local directories and networks.


Businesses need a new way to approach search. To be discovered tomorrow, you must change how you approach search today.


The Challenge of Traditional Listings Management


Up until now, the goal of listings management has been straightforward: ensure your business information is accurate and consistent across all directories to improve search visibility. 


While this approach has been effective, it’s increasingly clear that it’s insufficient to stay ahead in today’s rapidly changing search environment. 


As consumer behaviors evolve and new generative AI search technologies emerge, businesses need a strategy that goes beyond just being seen — they need to be discovered by new audiences.


The Genius Search Solution


A groundbreaking innovation from SOCi, Genius Search is designed to transform how your business tackles local search optimization. 


Unlike traditional tools that rely heavily on historical data and manual updates, Genius Search is dynamic and intelligent. It stays constantly tuned to local search behaviors, trends, and SEO best practices.


Genius Search leverages advanced AI technology to analyze real-time data from various sources, including:

  • Local consumer activities
  • Real-time events
  • Search behaviors
  • Business reviews
  • Social media engagements. 


This allows the AI-powered solution to dynamically optimize each location’s online presence, ensuring that your business doesn’t just keep up but stays ahead of the competition.


Key Features & Benefits:

  • World-Class Listings Management: With the most advanced data health capabilities on the market, businesses can ensure their locations appear accurately on impactful local search networks.


  • PLUS Real-Time Local Data Analysis: Like having a data scientist at every location, Genius Search constantly aggregates and automates the analysis of real-time local data and insights at every location to report on consumer activity and traffic trends.


  • PLUS Proactive Optimization Recommendations: Based on its location data analysis, Genius Search delivers actionable insights and ongoing optimization recommendations tailored to each location to optimize its local search rankings.


  • PLUS One-Click Task Automation: Genius Search gives brands the tools to automate the execution of hundreds or thousands of high-impact, locally-tailored optimizations with a click of a button.


What Makes Genius Search Different?


Genius Search does the heavy lifting for you, effectively doing the work of a 1,000 marketers by delivering hundreds of thousands of location-based optimization recommendations — applied with a single click. 


Genius Search platform showing Genius recommendations to add mens clothing store as a primary category to multiple local lisitngs.


These aren’t just any recommendations; they’re deeply informed by the latest trends and actual consumer interactions. They ensure that your business pops up not just for branded searches but also in broader searches relevant to your offerings.


This means that Genius Search not only enhances your visibility where it currently stands but expands your reach to potential customers who don’t yet know they need you. 


With Genius Search, you’re not just updating listings; you’re strategically placing your business in front of new audiences, maximizing your visibility and potential for customer engagement.


Embrace the Future of Search with Genius Search


What are you waiting for? 


Now that you understand the power of Genius Search, you can’t let a solution with this much power pass you by! It’s time for your brand to dominate its online presence and stand out from the noise. Start connecting with targeted local markets and bring more foot traffic and revenue to your business.


To learn more about Genius Search and why it’s a must for your brand, request a personalized demo today!



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As SOCi’s Content Marketing Manager, Darcy Bickham specializes in creating the strategy and developing the content around both localized and digital marketing trends for the SOCi brand. Through her content writing, Darcy has helped to position SOCi as the marketing platform for multi-location brands.

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