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Dominate Search Results With SOCi GeoRank


As a multi-location business, online visibility is crucial. SOCi’s previous research found that businesses ranked in the highly-coveted Google 3-Pack receive 126 percent more traffic and 93 percent more engagement (calls, website clicks, and driving directions) than businesses ranked 4-10. 


Simply put, the higher your rank locally on search engines, like Google, the more online and in-person traffic you receive. 


Understanding how your business ranks online can give you insight into how your local search and SEO efforts are working and where there’s room for improvement. That’s why we’re excited to reveal SOCi GeoRank! 


Introducing SOCi GeoRank 


SOCi GeoRank provides a precise, geographical view of Google search keyword rankings at the corporate, regional, and local levels. It allows multi-location businesses to uncover blindspots in SEO strategies by monitoring local keyword search performance. 


The tool also allows you to dive into the map and see how your most prominent competitors rank for relevant keywords around each of your brand’s locations. Your multi-location business can better understand which keywords your business locations are ranking well for and which need improvement. You’ll also be able to differentiate between business locations that are nailing their local search efforts and which need extra attention. 


For instance, if you’re a restaurant brand specializing in pizza and find through SOCi GeoRank that one of your local businesses isn’t ranking above competitors for “pizza near me,” you may need to adjust your local efforts accordingly for maximum impact. With SOCi GeoRank, you can determine if your location may need to increase review volume, use these keywords in social posts to generate more engagements, or adjust additional categories on your Google Business Profile. 


Top Benefits of SOCi GeoRank


If you’re not already convinced that SOCi GeoRank as part of SOCi Listings is a must, these additional benefits should seal the deal. 


Not only can SOCi GeoRank give insight into how your local businesses are ranking for local keywords, but it also allows your multi-location business to: 

  • Analyze how a location ranks geographically down to the street corner
  • Monitor and compare local search results and local keyword performance over time 
  • Quickly compare your keyword rankings against top local competitors 


While SOCi GeoRank is needed to inform your business’s local SEO strategy, it shouldn’t stop there! Our Top 10 Things You Should Be Doing in Local SEO NOW guide provides digestible tactics your multi-location business can implement to dominate search rankings and boost online visibility.


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Level Up Your Local Search Efforts 


With SOCi GeoRank, it’s time to take your local search efforts to the next level. There’s no longer an excuse for falling flat at the local level compared to the competition. If your multi-location business wants to leverage SOCi GeoRank, it must also use SOCi Listings – as the two work together to leverage location data and map views. 


SOCi Listings empowers you to manage your business listings at scale and effectively optimize your online presence and local search rankings. From syncing, updating, and managing your local listings to the flexibility for local managers to make their updates with corporate oversight, SOCi Listings covers every step of the process to propel your listings to the top of search results.


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For more information on how SOCi GeoRank and SOCi Listings can take your multi-location business to the top of search results, request a demo today!



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