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Level-Up Your Local Listings with SOCi ProPhotos™


As a multi-location business, optimizing local listings for each business location is a must. Updated and accurate local listings can help boost your business’s online visibility and drive more customers. For instance, on Google, customers are 70 percent more likely to visit and 50 percent more likely to consider purchasing from businesses with a complete Google Business Profile.


This blog will share how your business can differentiate its local listings from the competition with high-quality photos while also introducing a new SOCi product! 


Introducing SOCi ProPhotos™ 


Images in search rankings are increasingly important and more prominent in Google’s search engine results pages. In the typical mobile SERP in 2016, images occupied just 2 percent of the screen but jumped to as high as 36 percent by the end of 2021. The data speaks for itself. High-quality photos are a crucial component of a complete local listing. Most local directories allow you to include photos of your business, so consumers know what to expect when visiting your business location. With 100s or 1,000s of business locations, capturing quality photos of each business location can be challenging, which is why we’re excited to introduce SOCi ProPhotos™. 


SOCi ProPhotos™ provides high-quality, localized photos for your multi-location brand. Google, Yelp, Apple, and other top directories are placing significant importance on localized photos in ranking factors that drive both website and foot traffic.



A cell phone highlighting an image of one of Smashburger's photos on its local listing



With SOCi ProPhotos™, each of your locations will be annually matched with a nearby professional photographer and approve a shot list recommended by SOCi that combines AI with Google’s best practices. SOCi works with local managers to efficiently execute each shoot.


Benefits of SOCi ProPhotos™ 


While finding a streamlined way to capture photos of your business locations is one of the most significant benefits, there are other perks associated with SOCi ProPhotos™ – some of those include: 


  • High-quality, search-optimized images delivered annually
  • Professionally edited photos
  • Scalability for multi-location brands
  • Images captured are delivered directly into SOCi Listings


If your multi-location business isn’t already including photos of each business location in its respective local listing, there’s no longer an excuse. 


Take Your Local Listings to the Next Level 


With SOCi ProPhotos™, take advantage of professional photos uploaded directly into your local listings to optimize your local search performance. If your multi-location business wants to leverage SOCi ProPhotos™, it must also use SOCi Listings.


SOCi Listings empowers you to manage your business listings at scale and effectively optimize your online presence and local search rankings. From syncing, updating, and managing your local listings to the flexibility for local managers to make their updates with corporate oversight, SOCi Listings covers every step of the process to propel your listings to the top of search results.


For more information on how SOCi ProPhotos™ and SOCi Listings can take your multi-location business to the top of search results, request a demo today!



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