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The Definitive Guide to Building Local Pages for Your Multi-Location Brand


As you probably know by now, there are numerous components that make up a winning localized marketing strategy. Local pages are one piece of the puzzle. As a multi-location business, local pages are a must. We’ll break down what local pages are and four tips for how your multi-location business can build and optimize them within this blog! 


What is a Local Landing Page? 


Local pages are search-optimized brand pages at the local level that deliver a consistent presence across your business locations and improve your local search visibility. Many multi-location businesses already have local pages, but are they optimized to their fullest potential? If not, think about the missed opportunities. 


Local pages are one ranking factor Google considers when determining where your business should appear in search results. And while increased visibility on Google is excellent, the benefits of local pages don’t stop there. Local pages provide consumers with the convenience they’re looking for, keeping consumers happy and bringing business straight to your door. Many multi-location companies find that optimized local pages lead to increased revenue, which every multi-location marketer strives to achieve.



1. Determine a Keyword Strategy


Whether your business has decided to start building local pages for its locations or you already have them in place, it’s important to consider keyword strategy. On-page SEO, which includes a keyword strategy, is also one of Google’s organic ranking factors and will further boost your online visibility. When developing a keyword strategy, think about keywords relevant to your industry. What keywords are your target audience using the most when searching for a solution your business provides? What keywords differentiate your multi-location business from the competition? Once you better understand the words and phrases most frequently used to search for companies in your industry, you can include them on your local pages to appear in more search results.


For instance, if you’re in the restaurant industry and your restaurant brand offers a great happy hour and is also known for its vegetarian options, these are some keywords you could incorporate into your local pages. Similarly, if you notice that the search volume for “curbside” and “delivery” is high, you could include those keywords as well if those are services your restaurant offers. Putting thought into your keyword strategy will help ensure your business’s local pages appear in relevant searches. For more information on SEO tactics that will help take your business to the top of search results, check out our Top 10 Things You Should Be Doing in SEO Now guide. 





2. Include Helpful Business Information 


Once you’ve started building your local pages, it’s crucial to include as much helpful business information possible. As mentioned previously, consumers crave convenience, and if the more information they’re able to find about your business without having to leave the local page, the better.


When creating your local landing pages, information should include, but not be limited to:

  • Store hours
  • Contact information 
  • Local business address
  • Menus or products 
  • Social media links 
  • Local promotions 
  • Images of the business location 
  • An interactive map

Including all of this information also removes the potential for error. For instance, we’ll stick with the restaurant example. Many restaurants have menus that vary by location and different hours of operation. Including this information specific to an individual restaurant location will prevent confusion. Adding links to your local social channels is another intelligent way to promote them and help grow your audience online. 



3. Don’t Forget About CTAs


Another tactic your multi-location business should incorporate into your local pages are CTAs. Including a call to action helps convert a potential customer without leaving the page. It’s also an excellent tactic for collecting leads. For instance, if you’re a fitness brand and allow members to register for your gym online, including a “Sign Up Today!” or “Request More Information” CTA is helpful for both your business and the potential customer.



4. Maintain Brand Guidelines and Consistent Messaging 


Finally, it’s essential to maintain brand guidelines for each of your business’s local landing pages. It should be clear that all local pages have a similar visual identity, page structure, and messaging,  and are ultimately connected to the same company. While including keyword-rich content is one component of messaging, it’s also essential to leverage the writing style and tone of voice. For instance, is the messaging on your main website casual and conversational? If so, messaging on your local landing pages should reflect that. The more consistent you keep your local pages, both in visuals and voice, the less room there will be for any brand confusion. 


Level-Up Your Business’s Local Landing Pages Today!


There’s no question that a solid local page strategy is a vital component of a winning local search strategy. Many marketers are hesitant to commit fully to local landing pages because managing them across 100s or 1,000s of business locations can seem overwhelming. That’s where SOCi comes in. SOCi’s Local Pages allow your multi-location business to take complete control of limitless customized, responsive local pages or sites that deliver a consistent brand presence and improve local search visibility. With SOCi’s Local Pages, your business can provide a search-optimized and localized experience resulting in improved local search rankings, brand consistency, and increased local foot traffic and revenue. 



While SOCi can help you crush your local pages strategy, we can help you with other aspects of your localized marketing strategy as well. SOCi is the marketing platform for multi-location brands. From reputation management to local listings to local social and beyond, SOCi has you covered. Request a demo today for more insight into how SOCi can help you crush your localized marketing efforts and dominate the competition! 



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