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Three Ways Multi-Location Marketers Can Use ChatGPT Right Now


You’ve probably heard of OpenAI’s ChatGPT by now, but in case you haven’t, ChatGPT is a chatbot that has garnered much attention because of its ability to provide high-quality answers to almost any question or request. Its remarkable capabilities have created quite a stir in the world of multi-location marketing and in just about every other digital domain.


With all the buzz around ChatGPT and similar conversational AI models, you may wonder how you can start incorporating this technology into your marketing efforts. Within this blog post, we’ll share three ways marketers can leverage ChatGPT, while providing more detail on the technology. 


Let’s get started! 


1. Learn How It Works


While it might seem straightforward, it’s essential to understand how ChatGPT works before you start implementing it into your marketing efforts. Create a ChatGPT account if you don’t already have one, and start interacting with the technology. 


An image on an iPad showing the "create your account" screen for ChatGPT


Before you think about how ChatGPT can help improve your marketing strategy, spend some time with it at a fundamental level. ChatGPT is especially good at generating text content in response to general knowledge questions.


For instance, if you have a child about to have a birthday, you can ask it to create Disney or soccer-themed games for a birthday party. 


Similarly, if you love cooking and are trying to remove gluten from your diet, you can ask the chatbot to create a three-day meal plan of gluten-free recipes. Understanding how ChatGPT works at a basic level will give you the knowledge needed to start incorporating it into your marketing efforts. 


2. Test and Experiment 


Once you understand what ChatGPT is and how it works, you can start testing different ways to use it in marketing. Let’s explore ways your multi-location business can experiment with the technology. 


Local Social Media Development 


If you feel like you need help with developing your local social strategy, you can use ChatGPT for inspiration. Are you looking to create a post for an upcoming holiday? ChatGPT can generate ideas for that! 


On the other hand, ChatGPT can also provide insight into what makes up an excellent social post. Similarly, it can suggest the best days and times to post. 


While this information can be helpful, don’t consider ChatGPT to be a single source of truth. It’s important to remember that this technology is still very new, and what may work for one business may not work for another. At this stage, it works better as a source of suggestions than as the author of a final product. We recommend pairing ChatGPT’s responses with your own online research to make the most informed marketing decisions.


An image of ChatGPT explaining what to include in a social post for it to perform well



Review Responses 


In multi-location marketing, you likely understand the importance of responding to reviews. Consider using ChatGPT to generate responses to reviews, both negative and positive. To do so, give ChatGPT a review and ask for an appropriate response. 


When using the tool for review responses, it’s essential to thoroughly examine the response to ensure it accurately addresses the reviewer’s comment. Some marketing platforms also integrate ChatGPT into their review management platforms, which we’ll dive into more later. 


Content Ideation and Creation


You can also leverage ChatGPT for content ideation. For instance, if you’re a restaurant brand and need fresh blog content ideas, ask ChatGPT for help! While the results may not be exact topics you can use, they have the potential to spark inspiration. 


You can also ask it to research for you. Are you interested in seeing the most researched topics around hair care? Do you want to know what customers consider most when choosing a retail store? Ask ChatGPT for help and develop content accordingly.


An example of ChatGPT's results for the most searched topics around hair care



You can also utilize ChatGPT to summarize articles. This natural language processing ability is useful for marketers who need to understand content they’re not subject matter experts in. The AI language model can help summarize multiple articles on one subject or explain the subject itself. Again, we recommend doing your own research to verify ChatGPT’s responses. 


SEO Optimization 


Lastly, experiment with ChatGPT to see if it can help improve your business’s SEO efforts. If your multi-location business has a keyword strategy that it’s using to improve SEO, you can ask ChatGPT for a list of similar targeted keywords to go after. 


Some SEO experts have also suggested using ChatGPT to develop meta-descriptions and title tags for content on your website. The possibilities of leveraging this technology to boost SEO are endless, so get creative with your requests! 


While testing ChatGPT for all of the marketing efforts mentioned above, it’s important to track what is working and what isn’t. Have you found success when using it to respond to reviews? How accurate and useful are the responses? Have you implemented any of the ideated content, if so, how successful was it? Measuring its effectiveness allows you to determine where to focus your efforts. 



3. Leverage ChatGPT For What it Does Best 


After experimenting with ChatGPT and tracking the success of each, you can begin leveraging it for where you find it most helpful. For instance, the technology may do a great job of helping you brainstorm topics for social media and email promotions. Similarly, if ChatGPT helps when it comes to crafting responses to negative reviews, you can use it in that capacity. 


As you’re leveraging ChatGPT for specific marketing efforts, you may find it helpful in other areas that you haven’t even thought to experiment with yet. As mentioned, AI technology is constantly changing, so your marketing team must be malleable and use it for what works best at the time. 


It’s also worth noting that generative AI, the type of AI technology ChatGPT is an example of, is still in an experimental phase, and it shouldn’t be used as a replacement for your marketing team. Generative AI tools have not advanced to the point where they can take on marketing tasks independently. A human touch is still needed. 


Below is an image from ChatGPT highlighting some of its strengths and limitations


A computer screen displaying the limitations and capabilities of ChatGPT


Level-Up Your Localized Marketing Efforts With AI 


Following the steps above will give you a basic understanding of how artificial intelligence and localized marketing go hand in hand. At SOCi, we’re keeping a close eye on the evolution of AI and how it impacts marketing. Our weekly Local Memo blogs detail the latest updates as new information and updates are being released daily. 


In addition, we recently announced our integration with OpenAI into SOCi’s award-winning review response management tool to enable instant intelligent responses to online reviews. 


SOCi’s reputation management software integrates with major review sites like Google, Facebook, and Yelp. It utilizes advanced machine learning algorithms to provide fast and accurate real-time responses to customer reviews. 


Screenshot of SOCi Reviews ChatGPT integration and a response to a Facebook comment and review overlaid on a laptop.


The integration with ChatGPT enables the tool to respond promptly to reviews in a personalized, engaging, and highly relevant way to each customer, helping our clients build better relationships with their customers and increase customer satisfaction.


Request a demo to learn more about how SOCi plans to expand its “Genius” products to help ensure your multi-location business keeps up with the latest developments in AI. It’s time for your multi-location business to stand out from competitors, and SOCi is here to help! 


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