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Introducing SOCi Surveys: Learn How to Dominate Customer Retention


As a multi-location marketer, it’s essential to know your audience. Part of knowing your target audience means understanding what current and potential customers think about your brand. That’s where surveys come in. Surveys allow multi-location enterprises to gain more insight into the consumer’s mind and gather critical customer data. 


At SOCi, we’re excited to introduce the highly anticipated SOCi Surveys! Within this blog, we’ll break down what SOCi Surveys is, highlight its top benefits, and explain how your brand can use it to level up your marketing efforts. Let’s get into it! 


Introducing SOCi Surveys


According to our High Cost of Invisibility for Multi-Location Enterprises white paper, digital invisibility — the lack of addressing and responding to customers reviews or pain points — costs the retail U.S. brand industry $2.4B annually. Furthermore, research has shown that increasing customer retention by five percent often increases profits by more than 25 percent



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When multi-location enterprises don’t understand their customer sentiment it can lead to low brand loyalty, negative reviews, low customer retention, and ultimately a loss in revenue. That’s where surveys come in. 


As a brand with 100s to 1,000s of business locations, conducting surveys across locations is often easier said than done. Not to mention the time it takes to analyze survey results and make adjustments accordingly. SOCi Surveys is here to solve that! 


SOCi Surveys helps multi-location enterprises proactively engage with customers at every level of a business on a channel that makes them feel valued and heard while collecting valuable first party feedback. SOCi Surveys allows you to unlock the power of this first-party data to transform feedback into valuable insights that can help improve business operations to drive brand loyalty and retention.


Still not sold on the power of SOCi Surveys? Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken is the perfect case study. The franchise implemented SOCi Surveys, and over a quick 30 days, the restaurant has had 296 inbound web surveys across 127 locations. Through the implementation of the surveys, Lee’s has seen a 10.2 percent increase in positive reviews among all networks quarter over quarter and a 50 percent decrease in negative reviews on Facebook quarter over quarter. 


The data speaks for itself. SOCi Surveys works. Now, let’s get into some of the added benefits!


Why SOCi Surveys is a Must for Multi-Location Brands 


Data from our State of Google Reviews research report found that Google Business Profiles (GBPs)  with higher star ratings are likelier to be chosen by consumers over the competition. Conversion on Google profiles, measured by the percentage of consumers seeing a Google profile who take action to visit the business, improves by 44 percent when a business increases its average rating by one full star — for instance, from 3.0 to 4.0 stars. 



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SOCi Surveys helps multi-location enterprises proactively capture customer feedback to understand customer satisfaction, experiences, and preferences before they escalate to negative reviews.


SOCi Surveys also enables multi-location enterprises to: 


  • Gather first-party data: Collect and own first-party data that you can use in other marketing ventures.


  • Pinpoint key trends: Identify critical satisfaction factors of your happiest and unhappiest customers to make data-driven decisions that boost brand loyalty and drive customer retention.


  • Respond to feedback: Craft personalized responses to surveys, leading to higher customer engagement and satisfaction.


  • Distribute across channels: Deploy surveys where your customers are via embed codes on web pages, and email campaigns. 


  • Use one platform: Manage all customer feedback from one platform. 


Additionally, 82 percent of companies state that customer retention is far cheaper than customer acquisition, further emphasizing the need to dive into the mind of current customers through surveys and increase retention rates. 


Crush Your Marketing Goals With SOCi Surveys


Now that you understand what SOCi Surveys is and why it’s essential, it’s time to start using the product! If your multi-location enterprise isn’t leveraging surveys as a part of your marketing strategy, you’re missing out on crucial insights. 





There’s no longer an excuse for letting customer satisfaction fall flat. For additional information on SOCi Surveys and SOCi’s other suite of products built specifically for multi-location enterprises, request a demo today!


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