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 What’s New in Summer ‘24


SOCi’s Summer ‘24 release is packed with transformative, AI-driven updates from SOCi’s CoMarketing Cloud. With groundbreaking features, including a revolutionary new approach to local search, you can enhance efficiency, engage customers, and drive revenue.




✨ Spotlight: Genius Search



A Revolutionary Approach to Local Search


This groundbreaking and innovative addition to SOCi’s CoMarketing Cloud transcends traditional listings management by delivering a revolutionary new approach to local search—unlike anything on the market.


Genius Search is powered by our advanced AI, which analyzes various data sources, offering an in-depth look into search behaviors and trends of local consumers. This intelligence shapes Genius Search’s approach, with AI acting as a data scientist and trained marketer for every single location, to continuously optimize listings so they resonate with each unique location and keep businesses one step ahead in the local search game. 


With Genius Search, you get: 

  • World-Class Listings Management
  • PLUS Real-Time Local Data Analysis
  • PLUS Proactive Optimization Recommendations
  • PLUS One-Click Task Automation



To learn more about Genius Search and why it’s a must for your brand, request a personalized demo today!






SOCi Shield


We are excited to announce the launch of SOCi Shield, a comprehensive protective layer within our CoMarketing Cloud. SOCi Shield is designed to deliver robust compliance and brand protection solutions tailored for multi-location businesses.


By integrating marketing and compliance tools into a single platform, SOCi Shield boosts productivity, reduces IT costs, and ensures local marketing efforts remain within compliance guidelines across all channels. With automatic responses to policy violations, SOCi Shield provides real-time alerts and feedback, making correction adjustments and approval workflows seamless and efficient.


Whether content is created by corporate teams, agents, or AI, SOCi Shield guarantees that all social media posts, engagements, listings, and local page content adhere to regulatory requirements and brand standards. You can now confidently manage your brand’s online presence, knowing that non-compliant content will never slip through the cracks.



Identity Access Management | Role-Based Notifications

Role-based notifications improve organizational efficiency by reducing information overload and accuracy and ensuring important alerts are not missed. Previously, notifications in SOCi were configured at the account or individual user level. Now, Role-based Notifications empower users to configure notifications for specific Roles, allowing for scalable and precise notification settings for hundreds or even thousands of users. Individual users can still view and modify their own notification settings for further personalization.






Local Pages Modernization

This July 22, 2024 release marks the culmination of a major, multi-year investment toward laying the foundation for the future of local SEO. We’ve modernized how local pages are built to leverage the latest advances in search optimization technology fully. With this release, SOCi Pages now includes new tools to automate content and data management, making it easier than ever to mass deploy truly localized, high-performing landing pages. Product enhancements include:


Full Integration into the CoMarketing Cloud

SOCi Pages is now fully built and supported within the CoMarketing Cloud, unlocking full integration and unified data across all of SOCi’s solutions and all the benefits of the SOCi platform from SSO, to Roles and User Management, compliance features, and more. 



Improved Performance & Reliability

We’ve invested in significantly expanding and modernizing the technology that powers locators and local pages behind the scenes.   


Forms Powered by SOCi Surveys

Organically collect leads and customer feedback with embedded Forms powered by SOCi Surveys. SOCi Pages now includes the option to add a built-in “Contact Us” form, access to a customizable survey builder, and instant email notifications for completed forms.



Events Locator 

Feature upcoming events on your locator and local pages. No manual updates needed.



Approval Management

Ensure accuracy and compliance with our streamlined SOCi Pages approval workflow, designed to facilitate swift content edits and reviews.



File Import & Export 

Automate bulk updates to your location data in SOCi and everywhere the data is used, from Listings to Local Pages and more, with an easy, DIY file import and export tool. 



Automated Directory Pages

SOCi Pages automatically creates and updates directory pages as you add and remove local pages, saving steps and bolstering SEO.



Auto-Resize Images

Pre-set specific image size and dimensions, and SOCi Pages will automatically crop and resize images added by users.



Staging Environment & Page Preview

Save and test updates in a controlled staging environment, then preview staged changes to local pages and locators in SOCi Pages before taking them live. 



Territory Locator 

Help consumers find an agent, dealer, or service provider by zip code, city, county, or state.



Etailer Locator 

Distributor brands can now add a directory of online retailers to their locator to direct consumers to ecommerce sites where they can purchase their products in addition to brick-and-mortar locations. 




New Case Study: Southern Rock Restaurants


Discover how Southern Rock Restaurants transformed their guest engagement strategy using SOCi Genius Reviews. This case study highlights the significant improvements in customer loyalty and operational efficiency achieved through our cutting-edge technology. Learn from their success and see how your business can also benefit from prioritizing customer engagement with SOCi. Read the full story here.





Survey Notifications


Stay informed and responsive—now, survey notifications come complete with the entire survey form included. Get all the vital information right at your fingertips as soon as responses roll in. This upgrade ensures you’re always in the loop, making it easier than ever to manage feedback and act on insights promptly.



SOCi Chat

SOCi SmartBot is now SOCi Chat


Introducing SOCi Chat, an updated AI-powered chatbot designed to revolutionize customer interactions for multi-location businesses. This enhanced version of our previous SmartBot delivers immediate, localized responses across key digital touchpoints with a single corporate setup.

  • Omnichannel Chatbot: Deploy SOCi Chat across all locations for immediate, AI-powered responses on Facebook Messenger, SMS, and local pages.
  • Authentic Conversations: Combine AI and localized data to create natural, personalized, and engaging interactions with customers.
  • Dynamic, Location-Specific Responses: Provide location-specific answers with one chatbot setup using dynamic fields.
  • Unified Customer Experience on SOCi: Seamlessly integrate SOCi Chat with other SOCi products like Pages and Surveys for a more brand-aligned, impactful, and efficient experience.


Learn more on how to transform your customer interactions and improve operational efficiency with SOCi Chat, or get a personalized demo today!



SOCi Chat for Pages


Embed SOCi Chat’s customizable widget on SOCi Pages and local websites for localized responses and lead capture while consumers browse your pages. With a single setup, deploy the chat widget across all locations, welcoming visitors with a greeting message and maintaining brand consistency with your colors and logo.




Genius Social Enhancements


The team is continuously making enhancements to our recently released Genius Social product. In Q2, we made the following improvements:

  • Bulk Approve Content: Group approvals streamline the content review process. Users can quickly view, edit, reject, and approve content across their assigned groups.


  • Email & In-App Notifications: New & improvised email & in-app notifications throughout the month to remind admins and local users of the actions needed to maximize Genius Social’s success. This includes reminders for asset collection, content review, and approval.


  • Genius Calendar Insights: Access insights to understand top-performing content created by Genius and the metrics behind them.

LinkedIn Mentions


SOCi enhances visibility and engagement on LinkedIn by enabling businesses to tag specific users in posts. This targeted approach ensures that followers see and engage with relevant content.





MoxiWorks Integration (Coming Soon)


Social media places agents directly in the feeds of potential buyers and sellers. But while it’s the #1 channel for customer acquisition, not everyone’s making the most of it because agents have limited time in the day to prioritize. Enhancing our Social product line, SOCi is integrating with MoxiWorks to automate real estate home listing posts the moment they hit the market.



Digimind (Coming Q3)


SOCi is joining forces with Digimind, a global leader in social listening, market, and competitive intelligence solutions to take multi-location social media strategy to the next level. 


More to come in Q3 – stay tuned! 



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