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We understand how busy COVID-19 has made everyone. With expectations and standards changing at a rapid pace, it can be challenging to take the time to plan out social media content with appropriate content messaging. Businesses that adapt and activate the right messaging, at the right time, and on the proper channels will be better equipped to make a strong comeback.

At SOCi, we also understand that this is a scary time for your business. We’re here to help. We have loaded a library of images and corresponding messages into our customers’ SOCi accounts to serve as an essential tool for our customers to kick-start a crisis communication strategy.

Coronavirus Social Media Resources Enabled for All SOCi Customers 1

“The Original COVID-19 Content Library” is a resource for new and existing customers. It contains original and curated content that is ready to be scheduled as-is or customized for key social networks. The original content includes graphics designed by our in-house Professional Services team and covers everything from positive reminders like sending virtual hugs instead of in-person ones to tips for prevention. The curated content offers links to trustworthy sites and resources for free workouts, advice on practicing social distancing, and uplifting movies to watch while we all stay in.

Coronavirus Social Media Resources Enabled for All SOCi Customers 2

We’ve enabled these quick and easy templates at no cost to our partners to activate in a moment’s time to maintain a strategy during these trying times. At SOCi, we can help you manage a comprehensive localized marketing strategy all from a centralized platform. If you would like to discuss some best practices on how to be better at social, reputation, search, or any other local marketing channel, or to learn more about how we’re empowering our customers during times of crisis, please contact us at

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