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Dominate Local Social Efforts With SOCi’s New Community Calendar


With 100s or 1000s of business locations across the country, managing and scaling local social efforts, including local advertising for every location is no easy task. Enter SOCi’s Community Calendar. A powerful solution to help local businesses easily post content and ads at scale. 


“I’ve started calling the SOCi Community Calendar our ‘easy button,’ for localized marketing. We’re able to provide a full schedule of ads and posts that our retailers can opt-in and out of with just a few clicks. Our retailers love the time-savings and the ability to connect and engage with their customers around the local store.” – Gary Drummond, Ace Hardware, Marketing Manager – Local Digital


Community Calendar breaks through the common challenges multi-location businesses face by giving both corporate marketers and local managers a turnkey workflow that makes posting content and deploying ads a breeze. The Community Calendar utilizes our popular content and ad scheduler to overlay a pre-created, corporate-approved calendar composed of organic posts and ad campaigns that local business managers can run for months at a time. These local managers can review, edit, and deploy organic posts and ads with just a few clicks. They can also choose to subscribe to calendars, setting their social media strategy on autopilot and allowing them to get back to running their business.


Within a few minutes, a local manager can execute weeks’ or months’ worth of social planning while safely knowing they are within the brand parameters set by their corporate team. Local managers no longer have to struggle to determine what to post or how to create a winning ad. SOCi’s Community Calendar helps do it for you. 



How Community Calendar Lets Your Local Social Strategy Thrive 


Still not convinced that SOCi’s Community Calendar is worth the investment? SOCi built the Community Calendar in collaboration with Ace Hardware, and buyers of SOCi’s product, like Gary Drummond, Local Marketing Manager from Ace Hardware, are SOCi champions. They trust that they’ve made the right choice by adopting our platform to allow their organization to thrive. The Community Calendar enables advocates, like Gary, to further improve the return on investment (ROI) that Ace Hardware has made with SOCi.


As a multi-location marketer, the ability to prove your ROI and get the most out of your marketing dollars is invaluable. Similarly, if you’re able to increase efficiency and reduce the amount of time it takes your local teams to manage local social efforts, you’re leaving more time to improve other areas of your localized marketing strategy. 


Dominate Your Local Social Efforts With Community Calendar 


With SOCi’s Community Calendar, it’s time to stand out as an industry leader with a winning local social strategy. Whether your multi-location business is just getting started or it’s looking to improve upon a successful social strategy, SOCi is here every step of the way. For more information on SOCi’s Community Calendar and what it takes to take your local social efforts to the next level, request a demo today!


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