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Level-Up Your Local Social Strategy With SOCi’s Social Compliance Solutions


Three out of four consumers say they’ve discovered a new offering based on recommendations and posts on social media. Localized social content also performs 12x better than content that isn’t considered localized. 


The data speaks for itself. A solid local social media strategy is a must. 


While social media is essential, it can be challenging for financial services and other regulated industries to execute. Finding a solution that allows you to maintain compliance is critical, so we’re excited to announce SOCi’s social compliance solutions. 


Within this blog, we’ll explain this new product feature and how financial services and other regulated industries can leverage this tool to improve their local social efforts. 


Introducing SOCi’s Social Compliance Solutions


Many financial services and insurance companies understand the benefits of growing and maintaining their local social presence to drive business and stay connected with local audiences, but they face compliance challenges. 


Corporate marketers and compliance teams can strengthen social oversight, mitigate compliance risks, and maintain a complete record of social media content with SOCi’s social compliance features. 


The tool ensures that you avoid social content violations with automated policies and notifications. It also uses social archiving to maintain and monitor a complete record of all published content at scale. 


Added Benefits of SOCi’s Social Compliance Solutions 


If you’re still not convinced that this new tool is right for your company, let’s dive deeper into its capabilities. 


With SOCi’s social compliance solutions, your business will have the ability to:


  • Create keyword policies: Create keyword-based policies to ensure local agents follow brand guidelines when posting social content or updating social profiles. 


  • Maintain compliance: Ensure social content remains compliant with global requirements set forth by regulatory authorities. 


  • Leverage corporate and managerial oversight: Save time and maintain brand control of posts published in SOCi or natively on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google Business Profile. 


  • Access compliancy notifications: Quickly address violations with real-time push and email notifications to adjust non-compliant posts. 


  • Use single compliance viewpoint: Track compliance violations across all social media activity in one consolidated view. 


  • Implement social archiving: Provide proof of compliance with social archiving to mitigate potential brand risk.


With SOCi’s social compliance solutions, there’s no longer an excuse for letting your financial service company’s social media efforts fall flat. 


Start Dominating Your Local Social Efforts and Beyond


A robust presence on social media at the local level will help differentiate your business from competitors. It’s time to dominate your local social efforts, and SOCi is here to help. SOCi’s social compliance solutions, paired with our social solution, allows you to crush your social goals — worry-free. 


A product screenshot of SOCi's social compliance solution on both an i-phone and laptop



Having all content and engagements in one centralized place also helps you maintain a unified brand image and adhere to brand standards at the corporate and local levels.


For more information on how SOCi can help improve your multi-location business’s local social efforts while following brand and compliance standards, request a demo today!



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