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Are you one of the 36.4 million users to like Starbucks’ Facebook Page? What about one of their 11.7 million Twitter followers? With metrics like this, we can’t help but ask ourselves, “What makes Starbucks’ social media strategy so successful?” After carefully reviewing their accounts, we’re sharing five reasons Starbucks experiences such a high level of engagement.


1. Quality Content


When it comes to content, Starbucks is a firm believer in quality over quantity. On average, they post to Facebook less than once a day. Their page is filled with creativity, bold colors, and a variety of media, including photos, videos and articles.


Starbucks Content


The video above received 4M views, 104K reactions and 58K shares. That’s impressive!


Unlike many brands on social media, Starbucks takes advantage of the growing popularity of video content. They post videos ranging in duration from a few seconds to a few minutes and covering a range of topics, such as the inspiring example above. Starbucks is great at communicating their brand personality and values through the content they choose to share.


2. Creative Captions


Starbucks likes to break up its captions with spaces and emojis. This makes it easier for their audience to read and digest the information. Their innovation and creativity encourage users to stop and engage with the post. Here’s an example:


Starbucks Caption


Would this post have grabbed your attention?


Starbucks’ captions regularly include calls to action, humor and details about new products, to invite more likes, comments and shares.


3. The Human Factor


It’s no secret that Starbucks values its customers. They communicate this value through their content and by responding to customers’ comments. Their photos often feature people, which makes it easier for the audience to connect with the product as well as humanizes Starbucks as a company.


Starbucks Lifestyle


They also understand that social media is a two-way street! In most cases, the more you give, the more you’ll receive. Starbucks does an amazing job of responding to customers, offering answers to their questions or simply sending a positive message back!


Starbucks Reply


Replies like this one encourage users to engage with future posts!


4. Product Personality


Since Starbucks’ target market is so broad, it’s important for them to be able to cater to their various segments by differentiating their products. Starbucks accomplishes this by giving their drinks a unique personality that allows customers to identify with them easily, and it also builds a sense of community.


Starbucks Personality


With these two Instagram accounts, Starbucks is able to develop specific identities for their Frappuccino and Pumpkin Spice Latte. Because of this, they are able to make coffee more than a product; they’re selling an experience.


5. Sense of Urgency


Lastly, Starbucks creates urgency by using social media to promote new products—and limited-time deals. These posts usually receive high levels of engagement because customers feel the need to “act now.” Often, users will tag a friend in the comments or even share the post on their own page.


Starbucks Promotion


It’s evident that Starbucks has a good understanding of what type of content resonates well with their audience. They’re consistently finding new ways to be creative and keep their feed interesting by experimenting with different types of media and copy. Do you use any of these techniques in your own social media strategy?

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