Mindstream Media Group Uses SOCi to Decrease Time to Create Localized Facebook Ads by 97%

The Challenge

Mindstream Media Group was challenged with efficiently producing localized Facebook ads for a large financial client with thousands of localized pages and ads. Before using SOCi, it took Mindstream Media Group’s Facebook managers an average of seven minutes to set up a personalized campaign supporting an individual Financial Advisor. To set up 100 financial advisor ad campaigns in Facebook natively it was taking 700 minutes or 12 hours.

“Creating custom content, launching ads, and compelling results for each individual location has been time-consuming and inefficient. With SOCi Ads PLUS time has been saved and we have amplified campaign performance for our clients’ localized ads. ”


Marti Janson
Former Chief Client Officer, Mindstream Media Group

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The SOCi Solution

With SOCi’s Ads PLUS, pushing live the same number of personalized campaigns took only 20 minutes. Mindstream Media Group was able to create custom, localized ads across 1000s of locations with just a few clicks by using Dynamic Text and Dynamic Image technology so that a single ad auto-populated with local text and images for all the individual financial advisor ads. With the time saved using SOCi Ads PLUS, Mindstream Media Group’s Facebook managers were able to focus on improving campaign performance through revising overall targeting structure. In leveraging the personalized financial advisor ads created with SOCi Ads PLUS, Mindstream Media Group relaunched newly configured regional Facebook campaigns, which resulted in a 426% increase in conversions and enabled budgets to spend in full for 50% more impressions served month over month.

SOCi Results

As a result of scaling the creation of localized Facebook Ads, Mindstream Media Group achieved…



decrease in time spent building Facebook Ads



increase in MoM impressions



increase in conversions

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