AR Workshop integrated with SOCi to increase their engaged users by 75%.

The Challenge

AR Workshop DIY boutique studio specializes in custom home decor using raw materials. AR Workshop is a retail franchise that previously relied on franchisees to manage their own content. AR Workshop was in need of a partner that would give location users the ability to stay on brand using corporate messaging but the flexibility to keep things local by adding their own flair.

The SOCi Solution

Since AR Workshop partnered with SOCi they have been able to drive sales and traffic through brand consistency and localized content. Thanks to their newfound brand consistency and social workflow, AR Workshop has seen a 201% increase in website clicks, a 186% increase in phone call inquiries, and a 75% increase in engaged users.

SOCi Results

As a result, AR Workshop has made it possible for franchisees to share better performing and engaging content, resulting in a 201 percent increase in website clicks.


AR Workshop’s clients achieved…



Increase in engaged users



Increase in website clicks



Increase in warm leads on GMB




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