Elevate Customer Care with Messenger & Automated Localized Responses

Hear from Facebook on How to Increase New Lead Conversion with Chatbots and Messenger


New customer conversion drops by 400% when a message from a prospect sits unanswered longer than 5 minutes! Who is answering your critical conversations when no one is around?

In a post-pandemic era, customers expect real time engagement 24/7 from businesses, but keeping up with the amount of messages coming through Messenger can be difficult if you’re managing 100’s of Facebook location pages. Automated chatbots are critical to success in today’s virtual world of communication! 


Hear from experts from SOCi and Facebook to learn more about how you can take advantage of these conversations. You’ll learn: 

  • Why leveraging Messenger and chatbots enables you to capture new leads across all your locations
  • How to save time while increasing customer engagement with automated processes
  • What to expect with the future of machine learning and Messenger


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Justina Nguyen

Strategic Partner Manager at Meta