Cinnaholic leverages SOCi to improve online visibility and ultimately win more sales. 

The Challenge

After pitching their vegan cinnamon roll concept on the TV show Shark Tank, the demand for Cinnaholic’s tasty treats quickly grew. One look at their delicious desserts and it’s easy to see why they’ve skyrocketed to 50+ locations across the country since 2010. However, Heather Stennis, the Director of Marketing for Cinnaholic, explains, “We are still a startup. People aren’t googling ‘Cinnaholic.’ They’re googling ‘bakery near me’ or ‘wedding catering near me.’” She insists that building and maintaining strong local pages and listings for each of their locations is paramount for improving their local SEO and continuing their growth.


While managing 50+ listings and local pages are challenging all on its own, in 2020 this task became increasingly hard. Ever-changing dining restrictions across the country required an increased frequency of updates across all locations and every platform. As a collection of brick and mortar bakeries, this also meant their team had to swiftly switch to digital ordering systems and 3rd party delivery apps overnight. “We didn’t have online ordering when we started and in the pandemic, we were scrambling,” said Stennis. “We had to build online ordering sites for all of our locations. Now with one click, our customers can easily order cinnamon rolls from our local pages.”

The SOCi Solution

Prior to SOCi, Cinnaholic was accessing every single one of their location’s local pages, listings, and social media accounts natively. It was a daunting task to navigate between each account, especially as 2020 brought with it the added need to constantly update hours of operation, pick up and delivery options, and more. SOCi allowed their teams to quickly ensure brand consistency and to make real-time edits at scale so they could provide their local customers with up-to-date information across the web, as well as a zero to one-click ordering experience at each of their bakeries.


Aside from equipping each of their locations with search-optimized pages, Cinnaholic also utilized SOCi’s integration with 100+ directories to grow their brand awareness too. As a direct result, Cinnaholic more than doubled their Google My Business leads, website clicks, and total search views from May of 2020 to May of 2021.


Ultimately, by leveraging SOCi, Cinnaholic was able to focus on what matters most to their budding bakeries: increasing conversions, and winning local customers.

SOCi Results

“If we didn’t have SOCi, we would have spent all day just on listings updates. You know we’re 57 locations. We’re quickly growing and technology is beyond critical for us. Luckily, SOCi makes my life very easy from social media scheduling to tracking, reports, analytics, listings management–all of it really. With SOCi it’s all streamlined.” – Heather Stennis, Director of Marketing for Cinnaholic.


From May of 2020 to May of 2021 Cinnaholic saw the following areas of improvement…



Increase in total GMB leads



Increase in website clicks



Growth in Map views



Increase in Search views



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