Griswold Home Care adopted SOCi in October 2019 and has seen a 616% increase in actions taken.

The Challenge

Griswold Home Care is known as the oldest non-medical home care franchise organization in the country. With more than 200 locations across 30 states serving more than 100,000 families, Griswold Home Care specializes in providing compassionate care with the utmost level of dignity. They were in need of a tool that would be user friendly and provide franchisees with the power to keep up on their social media presence.

The SOCi Solution

By teaming up with SOCi, Griswold Home Care (https://www.griswoldhomecare.comhas been able to provide franchisees with a solution that is not only easy to navigate but provides them with an all-in-one tool to manage their localized marketing. With the help of SOCi’s multi-faceted training program and adoption guidance, Griswold Home Care has seen a dramatic improvement in usage. This multi-faceted training program included a formal introduction that took place at Griswold’s convention, multiple live training sessions, assigned homework, and milestone gamification. Since implementing SOCi’s program, they’ve seen a 64% increase in users actively using the platform, a 616% increase in actions taken such as responses to reviews, posting, and scheduling content. They’ve also seen an astounding 1,100% increase in location adoption!

SOCi Results

From October 2019 to May 2020, Griswold Home Care saw a significant increase in its user adoption of SOCi.


“We chose SOCi because of the benefits the platform provided. I was pleased with how easy the platform is to navigate, and how easy it is for our franchise directors to pick up the program and start using social media. The support SOCi provides is also top-notch, from onboarding and adoption, down to answering director questions. Throughout our partnership with SOCi, they have gone above and beyond in all aspects.” -Charles Stewart, Digital Media Specialist


After adopting SOCi, Griswold Home Care saw the following areas of improvement…



increase in unique users actively using SOCi



increase in actions taken



increase in locations actively using SOCi




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