Kumon Utilizes SOCi to Reach and Engage More Students

The Challenge

Kumon learning centers have traditionally provided in-person tutoring and educational support for math and reading for children aged three through high school. When the Covid-19 pandemic hit in the spring of 2020, this model became especially challenging. The pandemic impacted learning for students worldwide and caused a major shift in the way educators interacted with students. Pandemic stress forced the Kumon corporate office to reevaluate how they were leveraging technology in their business. Their previous marketing strategy did not allow Kumon to manage local listings, social media posts, and reviews in one place, so they turned to SOCi.


Before SOCi, Kumon franchisees were left to do most of their local marketing themselves, which was very challenging. Corporate had no easy way to create and provide promotional information to franchisees that they could leverage and no way to monitor local marketing or pull any data to see if their efforts were working. As in-person education returned, it increased the need for Kumon to modernize its technology stack to efficiently and effectively reach local families to bring students back into learning centers.

“Genius Reviews from SOCi has become a part of my daily routine! Genius Reviews has the ability to align with Kumon-specific lingo and provide a range of review responses. I am really enjoying my experience responding with Genius Reviews.” – Antonella Caltagirone, Customer Care Specialist at Kumon Corporate

The Solution

As Kumon’s platform of record, SOCi enables Kumon learning centers to tune into their local marketing data using SOCi Listings with a seamless API integration, SOCi Genius Reviews, SOCi Ads PLUS, and SOCi Boost PLUS by consolidating marketing technology products in one place. “Across the board, using SOCi has had a huge impact on our analytics, which before, stuck in traditional marketing, were hard to measure. SOCi makes it easy to measure our growth and present metrics to leadership,” said Leah Coyle, former vice president of branding at Kumon Corporate.


In implementing SOCi, Kumon was able to achieve its goals of increased traffic and conversions with booked parent orientations and engagement to reach more kids thanks to the abundant amount of SOCi support and business resources available, like franchisee-specific training materials, to help them tackle the digital environment. And through this increased adoption, Kumon has seen the strongest ROI through local social and search channels. 


Kumon corporate uses SOCi to provide social posts and promotions for local centers weekly to make digital marketing easier for owners. Local franchisees are now empowered to post content about their specific locations and have the power to make modifications based on performance. Because the corporate team also has the ability to keep all listings information up to date with SOCi, Kumon continues to see increased conversions for listings and local pages as new parents are researching education enhancements. 


In 2022, Kumon has proven that localizing digital marketing efforts leads to better results. Kumon continues to increase franchisee adoption across its 2,000 locations and utilize SOCi data to help business owners learn more about their local markets and improve its localized marketing strategy based on performance metrics, ultimately giving children an educational advantage.

SOCi Results

Kumon’s results using SOCi speak for themselves. In one year they saw the following increases…



Decrease in review response time to positive reviews with SOCi Genius Reviews



Increase in total website traffic



Increase in leads for parent orientations from Google Business Profiles



Increase in traffic from Google Business Profiles



Increase in organic traffic from social media


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