Liberty Tax Enables Boosting at Scale for Multi-Franchise Groups

The Challenge

With more than 3,000 franchise locations, managing the messaging and paid strategies of each location was an ongoing challenge. This was especially painful for franchise groups with multiple Liberty Tax locations in their portfolio. These groups needed a way to manage content and boost posts across all their locations in one, easy to use platform.

The SOCi Solution

By leveraging Boost PLUS, Liberty Tax’s multi-location franchise groups were able to take advantage of features like recommended boosts and all-in-one reporting, saving time and simplifying the process for all local marketers and staff.

“Boost PLUS has streamlined our ability to boost posts at both the corporate level and across our large multi-location franchises. Through consolidated reporting, we can easily see what is working and make changes on the fly to improve performance. Most of all, we loved the recommended posts feature which greatly improved our efficiency, reach, and engagement.”


Juliet Diiorio

Former Chief Marketing Officer, Liberty Tax