NuMark Credit Union strengthened its listing and reputation management strategy to increase online visibility. 

The Challenge

With a 60-year history of providing banking services in the Chicago area, NuMark Credit Union had a solid reputation and a loyal customer base. As consumer preferences shifted towards digital communications, however, the company found that customers wanted to engage more and more via Google, Facebook, Yelp, and other popular channels. NuMark staff had inadequate time and resources to keep up with digital presence management. The team wanted to find a partner with strong relationships in local search, and a platform that would help NuMark to be highly responsive to customer reviews, as well as providing tools to help analyze consumer sentiment. In particular, NuMark wanted to be able to identify trending problems and issues occurring in reviews so that these issues could be addressed operationally, in order to provide a higher level of service to customers

The SOCi Solution

SOCi worked with NuMark to create a comprehensive digital presence management program focused on listings and reputation management. In addition to claiming and managing NuMark’s listings on key sites like Google, Facebook, and Yelp, SOCi synced NuMark’s location data across all major channels of consumer traffic, including Apple Maps, Foursquare, Bing, secondary directories, and in-car navigation platforms, ensuring that consumers would encounter accurate information about NuMark no matter where they searched. As for reputation management, SOCi’s dashboard offered a feed of all reviews, with convenient tools for response and tagging.


During the first seven months with SOCi, NuMark saw impressive gains, including a 14% improvement in ranking for important keywords, with branded search visibility increasing by 45%. Engagement improved substantially, with phone calls up 131% compared to the previous period and website clicks increasing by 126% year over year. This increased engagement was attributable to factors such as improved quality of listings and the positive brand impression created by active review response.

SOCi Results

“Since we are a credit union, it is very important for us to maintain our brand reputation. We were looking for a comprehensive way to make all of our listings consistent as well as increase our effectiveness in tracking and responding to reviews on multiple platforms. SOCi has delivered in both areas. We want to help people do more with their money, so we need to be sure that NuMark is getting noticed in searches. SOCi has helped us increase our SEO which we hope to continue to grow.” – Kari M. Endres | VP of Marketing, NuMark Credit Union


After working with SOCi, NuMark Credit Union saw the following areas of improvement…



Increase in website clicks year over year



Increase in branded searches



Increase in phone calls compared to the previous period




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