Smashburger Dominates Local Presence With A Comprehensive Localized Marketing Strategy

The Challenge

Smashburger understands that not all restaurant operators are marketing-savvy. When you have more than 200 locations worldwide, it’s important to find a streamlined digital marketing solution that empowers team members from the ground up to take charge of their individual locations’ online visibility. With a corporate team as lean as Smashburger’s, they knew they needed to work smarter and not harder as it’s nearly impossible for a single marketer to manage the number of online listings and social pages the well-known restaurant brand has, as well as track what its local communities are saying about them online.   

The SOCi Solution

Through the SOCi Social platform, Smashburger has enabled its local operators to easily localize the social content shared on their individual locations’ social pages to increase engagement. The brand is looking to their local social pages for recruitment efforts as well, which can be guided by corporate-approved content housed directly in the platform for easy access by operators.


By utilizing the SOCi Listening tool, Smashburger has kept a pulse on its guests’ feedback through managing reviews and tracking online brand mentions to better serve guests at a local level. Finally, to address a huge pain point for the multi-location restaurant brand, Smashburger enabled SOCi’s Listings API to ensure all of its online listings are pushing accurate data like addresses, phone numbers, and hours of operation for its 200+ locations.

SOCi Results

In the last six months, Smasburger has received a total of 1,299,575 Google Business Profile leads including website clicks, directions requests, and phone calls as a result of streamlining its listings management. In addition, Smashburger’s search results have also benefited greatly from accurate listings, with 44% of local searches on relevant keywords resulting in Google 3-Pack placement, totaling 900 3-Pack inclusions across locations. Smashburger has also tracked a total of 24,063 brand mentions and 9,336 reviews through the Listening tool, and the brand is focused on continuing to increase SOCi platform adoption by its local operators in 2022.


In the last six months, Smashburger saw the following areas of improvement…



New Reviews



Google 3-Pack Inclusions



Online Brand Mentions



Google Business Profile Leads



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