SOCi Releases “Genius Reviews,” Revolutionary OpenAI Integration to Automate Intelligent, On-Brand Review Responses at Scale

Cutting-edge artificial intelligence fuels marketers’ abilities to manage their brands’ online reputations and capture more revenue potential


SAN DIEGOApril 27, 2023 — SOCi Inc., the marketing platform for multi-location brands, today announced the market launch of SOCi Genius Reviews. SOCi’s award winning review response management tool was developed with GPT-4, OpenAI’s most advanced AI system, and is now widely available to new and existing customers. The most sophisticated review response management system built for the complexities of multi-location businesses, SOCi Genius Reviews transforms how multi-location marketers manage their online reputation by automating the time-consuming task of writing intelligent, on-brand review responses unique to every location at scale.


SOCi Genius Reviews integrates with major review sites, including Google, Facebook, and Yelp, and utilizes advanced machine learning algorithms to provide fast and accurate responses to customer reviews in real-time.


With SOCi Genius Reviews, customers can:

  • Capture more revenue by reducing the impact of unmanaged customer reviews.
  • Boost adoption per location by driving efficiency and automating review responses at scale.
  • Attract more customers by improving online search visibility and ranking.
  • Increase customer satisfaction by improving response rates and decreasing response times.
  • Protect online brand presence with on-brand, prompt & consistent review responses.


“Ratings and reviews are the first factor consumers use when choosing between local businesses, and yet we know multi-location enterprises struggle to respond to a significant portion of reviews because the size and scale is often insurmountable,“ said Cynthia Castro, SOCi’s Vice President of Product. “With SOCi Genius reviews, those challenges are eliminated. We’re able to increase a marketer’s efficiency in replying to reviews, and immediately decrease the productivity costs for time spent responding to reviews. It’s a win for the business and a win for the consumer.”


Powered by GPT-4, SOCi Genius Reviews offers the first and only “on-brand” training prompt to capture brand voice and localize every review response while mitigating risk through spam detection, avoidance practices, and keyword filtering. SOCi Genius Reviews combines cutting-edge AI technology, advanced on-brand training models, and leading localization and automation tools to deliver an unprecedented, highly customizable and automated system for managing reviews that will maximize a multi-location enterprise’s participation and ROI.


“Since utilizing Genius Reviews, our efficiency has gone through the roof when it comes to our response process, which has allowed us to connect with even more of our customers,” said Jon Asher, Chief Marketing Officer of Nekter Juice Bar. “Not only has the tool given our team guidelines for how they should respond to reviews, including negative reviews which are always harder to tackle, but it ensures we are responding to customers in a way that is consistent with our brand voice.”


SOCi’s CMO, Monica Ho, adds, “In a market highly influenced by online reviews and ratings, SOCi Genius Reviews not only helps multi-location enterprises be competitive on a local level, but also protects them against off-brand and potentially harmful responses that can be detrimental to their reputation, sometimes even leading to liability concerns.”


SOCi’s review response management tool is powerful, yet is incredibly easy to use. A clean interface provides easy access to all the workflow, approval, and analytics tools a multi-location enterprise needs, now with the addition of best-in-class automation features. SOCi Genius Reviews is the first in a line of “Genius” products to be released by SOCi that enable highly intelligent and automated workflows across numerous major marketing channels like search, social, reviews, ads, and more through OpenAI, an AI research and deployment company.


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