Effective Social and Reputation Management Inspire Important Shift in Local Operations

The Challenge

101+ Pages to Monitor

With thousands of reviews and social media comments across more than 100 pages, there was little ability to see them all, let alone respond and take action on them locally.


Burned by a Previous Tool

Plagued with basic functionality, confusing UX, and unavailable support, Steadfast fought to make it work with a previous tool as local teams disengaged – significantly decreasing market visibility and interaction with both prospective and current residents.

The SOCi Solution

Onboarding Was a Breeze

Onboarding was painless and fully supported by a dedicated SOCi Customer Success Manager who worked with them to claim all of their local property profiles across Facebook and integrate key review sites such as Google, Apartments.com and the Better Business Bureau.


Easy UX Re-Engaged Staff

The sleek and straightforward UX has corporate staff and local managers fully engaged once again. Utilizing SOCi’s interactive calendar view, creating content at the corporate level and deploying to all or specific locations is a breeze. Thanks to approval workflows, local managers can create and deploy brand-appropriate content or respond to review and comments in just a few clicks.

SOCi Results

Closing the Loop Between Online and Offline Customer Care


The ability to capture reviews and comments and respond to them in real time has created a major shift in the operations of all Steadfast properties. Leveraging SOCi, Steadfast now aligns local maintenance and support staff to take action and solve issues voiced on their social channels quickly.


This level of insight into the customer care process was not previously possible.

Here’s what our clients are saying:

“Our industry and certainly our organization traditionally viewed social media marketing and online reviews as necessary evils – mediums we had to deal with that created fires we had to put out. In using SOCi, we came to understand our data and activity from both a 30,000 ft point of view and a super granular local perspective, and a lightbulb went off. Social profiles and review sites are the preferred methods of communication for today’s renters. Now, we take them seriously and have worked to close the gap between online outreach and local action – deploying local support or maintenance staff to fix issues quickly and respond to feedback. SOCi has been an operational game-changer.”


Shellie Sylla

Director of Marketing Steadfast Companies

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