Fogelman Properties uses SOCi Listings across almost 100 locations and saw increased brand-awareness and search optimization on leading sites like Google.

The Challenge

As a multi-family property management company, Fogelman Properties required a scalable solution that would enable them to easily maintain accurate, consistent listings across all locations with the ability to sync, manage, and update listings and suppress or delete duplicates in one centralized view.

The SOCi Solution

Within the first 6 months, Fogelman Properties has seen substantial results with SOCi Listings which has contributed to increased data accuracy and online visibility and engagement, guiding online searchers into making immediate offline sales.


626 duplicate listings were automatically suppressed, enabling the team to maintain full control and eliminate inconsistent listings, across all their locations.

SOCi Results

Because Fogelman Properties was able to suppress so many duplicate listings, the results they saw were impressive. “SOCi Listings has saved our marketing team countless hours updating the numerous directories we own. It has also helped increase our brand awareness and search optimization by syncing with and adding our communities to additional directories across the web.” Jeremy Lawson, former Reputation Manager.


In just six months, Fogelman Properties saw the following areas of improvement…



Increase in clicks to call from Google



Increase in clicks to website from Google



Increase in Facebook engagements




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