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Hallmarks of Effective Digital Ad Campaigns

The best digital ad campaigns drive conversions. Plain and simple. But beyond conversions, there are a number of other hallmarks of effective digital ad campaigns that marketers should watch for.


Effective digital ad campaigns almost universally have the following characteristics:


    1. Target the right audience. Who is your ideal customer? The most effective digital ad campaigns are able to target users based on demographic factors, like age and income level, as well as location. Targeting audiences based on location is even easier when brands take a hyperlocal approach to their digital campaigns.
    2. Educating consumers. One of the hallmarks of an effective digital ad campaign is that it actually educates and informs, so users have a clear idea of what the product or the brand is all about. Consumers are becoming savvier, and they are less likely to fall prey to the sort of “trickery” that was once common in advertising. The best digital ad campaigns today use education as a way to build trust with audiences.
    3. Include a CTA. Every online advertisement should include a call-to-action (CTA). Whether you’re pointing users toward a landing page or encouraging them to sign up for an email newsletter, having a clear CTA is a hallmark of an effective digital ad campaign.
    4. Memorable messaging. We can all remember the jingles from our favorite commercials. Effective digital ad campaigns should be memorable, too. Without jingles to rely on, brand marketers need to get creative in the way they embed their products or messaging into the audience’s mind.
    5. Easy to measure. It’s impossible to evaluate the effectiveness of an ad campaign if you can’t track the performance. Hyperlocal display, paid search, and paid social are all incredibly easy to track using metrics like click-through rates (CTRs), cost-per-click (CPC), or conversions. Choose the metric that makes sense for your campaign, then define your goals, and start tracking your campaign against those goals. 


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